Sour Beer as a Genre

25 Oct 2017

How do we update nomenclature to encompass an ever broadening set of styles?
We investigated this at our #BEAVEREX17 + Good Beer Hunting symposium and here it is for you to watch!

Host: Matthew Curtis
Guest Speakers: Pierre Tilquin (Gueuzerie Tilquin), Tomme Arthur (The Lost Abbey), André Ek (Brekeriet)

Lambic, Gueuze, American Wild Ale, Mixed Fermentation, Sour. These are just some of the terms used to describe the increasingly diverse range of beers that fit into the category “Sour.” As the prevalence of beers that fit within this style continue to increase, how will brewers develop a nomenclature that helps their beers stand apart – and should existing terms such as Lambic and Gueuze be available for use by breweries all over the world?

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