No Wiser – Welcome to the Pilsner!

6 Apr 2016

No Wiser – Dry Hopped Pils  – 4.8% ABV

Nowiser Can Label-01


(Read in deep gravelly voice)

In a world where mediocrity runs riot, and the maaan takes your hard earned dollar in exchange for a glass of middling, humdrum refreshment, under a veil of smizes limp handshakes and warm milkshakes, you would be forgiven for being none the wiser to the clowns of deceptive chaos.

Enter NO WISER: The hero Gotha.. uh.. Beavertown deserves, whether we think we need it or not. A not-so-traditional Pilsner, done the Beavertown way – armed with a plethora of hops! We are ready to release the first vigilante Pils upon the evildoers, “hoverboard” riders and no nonsense maniacs; A celebration of longwinded, nonsense descriptions of short run, dry hopped Pils, before we rid our planet of its grasp once and for all. Lets bring the David to the Goliath, and let the inevitable love story unfold.


Alternatively, (Rap it like your Dad at a wedding.)

It’s all about the Benjamins baby,

Baby I got your money, don’t you worry,

Money makes the world go around,

Money, that’s what I want.

But mo’ money, mo’ problems, right? So I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love – and really that’s what we want. Love. So we made a Pils & we made it our way.

Still No Wiser? Don’t worry, that’s all about to change.




“No Wiser” is the first in a series of Pilsners showcasing various Pilsner yeasts and an array of hops. Our aim is to create the mother of all Pilsners and welcome it into our core range some day! Enjoy the ride!


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