M C Overalls X Beavertown

19 Jun 2017

Since Beavertown’s conception, our ethos has involved never settling for anything less than the highest quality in everything we produce. As such, our designs are intended to represent the meticulous attention to detail and consideration poured into every brew, and are synonymous with the Beavertown brand. M C Overalls recognised Beavertown as a likeminded partner for a collaboration, and having a similar culture of refinement and craftsmanship in their manifesto, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to take our merchandise range to the levels we have aspired to.

M C Overalls is a brand steeped in entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. Originally conceived by three enterprising British young men at the turn of the last century, packing off to South Africa to produce waistcoats for coal mine owners. This in turn led to producing rugged uniforms for the workers, and eventually as a product of their perseverance, a contract producing British army uniforms.

The recognition of a similar ethos between two brands has manifested in a collaboration – M C Overall’s high quality, understated, affordable workwear, printed, embroidered and chain-stitched with Beavertown’s iconic designs. The spirit of this collaboration is something we will be looking to continue in the future, as an off-shoot of our established merchandise range.

M C Overalls are officially launching the collaboration with us on the 22nd of June, at an invite-only event at M C Overalls in Soho. Following the event we will be selling the clothing on both their site and ours, in very limited quantities. Garments are being prepared as we speak, and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!

We will be hosting a social media competition so three lucky Beavertown fans can come and join us at the launch party. To enter, applicants will need to describe in the most creative way possible why they should win the tickets. This can involve social media posts, a description in the comments on our post, writing us a poem.. the list is enless- we’re leaving it up to you!

All three winners will receive two tickets to the MCO x Beavertown event on Thursday 22nd June and an exclusive print by Nick Dwyer. In addition to this, the first prize winner will take home the yellow sweatshirt with the skulloon design printed on the front. Time to get creative!

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