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17 Jan 2018


*for Beavertown accounts*


This is for accounts only (bars, restaurants, shops, pubs)!
(if you are a Beavertown drinker there is a section especially for you further down)

If you are a bar/shop/restaurant and you stock/pour Beavertown – Add yourself to our map!
You can personalise your map entry by adding your website, pictures, video and a description of your establishment.

How to:
1. Go to our website!
2. Go to the Beer Finder (it’s in our main menu) – Here you can see a map.
3. Double click on the map and a little skull appears
4. Drag the skull to your location on the map and click on add details
5. Add your details! Include fun facts, website and pictures!
6. Click on Submit your location (bottom right corner)

Tada, you are done! You will appear on the map in the next few days.

Thank you!

Here is a little “how-to” video




*for Beavertown drinkers*

First of all. Hi and thank you for supporting us!

We hope you will find the Beavertown beer finder helpful! Have a look around and see where you are going on your next Beavertown adventure. If you are looking for a specific place you can search via postcode or city (Remember to zoom out so you can see your search results on the map) and filter pubs and shops!

If you click on a skull it shows you a page with more details about the venue + gives you the option for directions!
If you don’t see your fave bar/pub/shop (that serves Beavertown) on the map, give them a nudge and ask them to check out this blog post!

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