Everything you need to know before coming to The Beavertown Extravaganza 2018

4 Sep 2018

Tickets & Check-in.

First of all make sure you have your ticket, either printed or downloaded to your phone. All tickets are e-tickets which can be downloaded/printed as PDF from the Ticket Tannoy website by logging into your Ticket Tannoy account. If you have passed your ticket on to someone else, make sure they have this. If you have bought a ticket from someone else, make sure you have this. There will be no entry for anyone without a ticket.

Check-in will operate a Challenge 25 policy in line with legal requirements, so please bring along an ID. This will only be checked if you have a glowing, youthful complexion, you lucky thing you.

(Ticket tannoy is still processing partial refunds. It should all be done before Friday the 7th)

Getting here.

Plan your journey and check for travel disruptions, there are currently no planned closures but things can change. Get yourself to Canada Water station (on the Overground and Jubilee lines) with plenty of time. There will be marshals on the route from there to Printworks to keep you on the straight and narrow.

We will start processing the queue 2 hours before the bars open so from 2pm on Friday and 11 am on Saturday, that way we can get you all checked in, through security, wristbanded and with a glass in hand by the time the bars are ready to pour. Food, soft drinks and coffee will be available for purchase during these two hours!

Be prepared for check in to take a while. 4000 is a lot of people and we have to be thorough.

Security do’s & don’ts.

Pack sensibly and don’t bring stuff you aren’t prepared to carry as there isn’t cloak space for 4000 people’s coats, bags, suitcases etc. Also, bear this in mind with what you are bringing. We mentioned security checks earlier, and in the current climate, with recent terrorist threats and acid attacks, we have to be strict and thorough for everyone’s safety. Treat it as you would airport security so, no sharp objects, knives, pen knives, scissors, liquids (we have loads of drinking water inside, bottled and on tap), big bottles of moisturisers, food (again we have plenty inside to choose from), no drugs (any necessary prescription drugs please bring the packaging with you, we will need to get them checked by the on-site medical staff), no under 18’s and no pets (apart from registered guide dogs).

Vital prep & downloads! 

Download our free Extravaganza app here (Both for Android and IOS)! 

Sponsored by our friends at NFU mutual ☄️

The Beavertown Extravaganza app includes everything you need for a great festival experience such as full brewery list, beer list and map!

– Browse, filter and shortlist the beers you want to try! 🍻 

– Subscribe to breweries and get notified when they put new beers on 🍺🚨

– Don’t get lost! Use the app-map 🗺

– Check out the schedule for Beery panels and talks🗓

– Get push notifications with announcements and updates🤳🏻 (Remember to allow push notifications so we can bug you) 

– Check out the FOOD options 🍔

App developed by 👌🏼 Patrick Cavanagh ⭐️


Full beer list in spreadsheet format can be downloaded here BEAVEREX18 beer list final

And a PDF of the map and brewery list can be downloaded here -> BEAVEREX18 MAP


Glass – Guard it with your life, there is ONE glass (one!) per person. 


Notify a skullenteer or a Team Beaver member and we will do our best to help you out!


We will be selling Beavertown and BEAVEREX merch. Card only !


If the drinking gets all too much, head back out to the Kerb village and grab some food from one of the amazing traders with everything from Halloumi fries, burgers and doughnuts! There is a lot, so come hungry! See the full list here


Bring both to be on the safe side! Merch is card only and most food vendors take card but some might be cash.


The Gallery

Visit the brain of our creative director Nick Dwyer with known and unknown pieces and illustrations in our Extravaganza Gallery.

Good Beer Hunting Symposium

Good Beer Hunting is, once-again, partnering with Beavertown Brewery at the Extravaganza to bring you some compelling discussions and presentations about the state of craft beer in 2018. A wide range of topics and personalities will be available to discuss some of the more pressing, and exciting pursuits in beer.

See the full line up of talks here


KEGSTAR  is rocking up next to the gallery space with 2 ping pong tables, corn hole, keg seats and their own bar so you can chill and break out from the beer halls!


At any point, if you feel unwell speak to a volunteer (who will all be highly visible in their bright yellow tees) or a Beaver (who will be wearing lanyards) who will take you to the medical room to get checked over and looked after by professionally trained medical staff.

When you leave

Half an hour before close down there will be an announcement made so you are aware of your drink up time. The bars will completely close and kegs unhooked at 10 pm on Friday and 7 pm on Saturday when security will lead you out of Printworks. On your way out there will be some clear plastic bags being handed out. These are for your Extravaganza glasses. You won’t be allowed out of the venue with a full glass so make sure it’s empty at leaving time.

We appreciate there are a lot of do’s and don’ts but if you stick to them everyone will have an amazing time and enjoy The Extravaganza to the fullest!

We look forward to see you all!



BEAVEREX18 beer list final

Map and brewery list 

App on iOS 

App on Android 


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