Busy Beavers!

9 Mar 2016

Busy Beavers!



Whence we last spoke… We were still recovering from our birthday bash, “Be-aver my Valentine” 2016, and thanks once again to all who came and made it such a fantastic day. The day before the party, we massively took advantage of having so many brewers from such far off lands (Belgium), and had our buddies from Alvinne in for a collab day.  Since brewing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with To Ol, brewing just one beer doesn’t seem to cut the hop slurry, so three whole beers were plotted in the secret den of iniquity that is Jenn’s office / our meeting room.


We could tell you about the beers, but we would rather show you…


 And! For the first time ever you will get to enjoy the chaos of a collab day through the eyes of our illustrious brewers via our ultra high tech “GoPro-glued-to-baseball-cap” rig. Once we work out how to remove it from its case we will share the footage with you.



A few weeks later, the guys filled the barrels and now they are sitting pretty in amongst… our brand new tanks!

Supersize me!

Last Wednesday saw the delivery of multiple sweet stainless steel treats! Four more 60 BB fermentation vessels (the same as the ones you currently see when you come to Tap Room Saturdays,) One more 30BB FV (for smaller batches of things like Skull King – more on this guy later!) and one more 10BB FV to stand with his sister over on the “wild side,” that we’re about to wax lyrical about.  


We have been incredibly fortunate to have Tony and the guys from Gravity Systems here from the very beginning. As a growing brewery, we always feel in safe hands as we see their smiling faces come over the hill on new tank days, that are getting more and more frequent as more and more people are getting thirsty for our tasty bee.  (Saying that, we are very close to being fully jam packed with stainless steel! More beer = exciting times.)


With a mighty roar, the Skull King returns!  


It seems like only yesterday we were brewing Bone King (Skull’s precursor and recipe mate) with Naparbier, when in fact it was two whole years ago now! Our dangerously drinkable member of the “Barbarian Series” family is in the wild once again, with brand new artwork for a brand new year. Just what you need really, as every morning we are filled with the hope that spring will finally.. er … spring, and are met with the crushing, biting cold that ceaselessly batters any glimmers of the hot hot summer that hopefully lies ahead. Hopefully. Thanks Obama.


So, that 10BB tank that arrived last Wednesday…


As you may or may not know, we are about to embark on the next big chapter of Beavertown’s ever-evolving book by way of our Tempus Barrel Program. Its been on the cards for over a year, but the time has finally come. The program aims to present a consistent core range of wild / mixed fermentation beers, alongside a few more experimental crazy, funky one offs and limited runs, and essentially present as much geeky information about the beers as is possible. These beers will quite literally bare all, listing everything from their various infusions, through all the specifics about the barrels they reside in, down to things like titratable acidity / PH and specific microbes, bacteria and yeast strains.

Look at those lovely barrels. 


This is where the two 10BB FVs will be sitting pretty, alongside their barrel brethren. We’re building a battalion of barrels, with a formidable range already in house – French Muscat Barrels, multiple varieties of Scotch and bourbon barrels, Aquavit, Red Burgundy and Pinot Blanc listing amongst their ranks. By design, barrels are not exactly the largest possible container in which to mature beer, thus the smaller vessels. These batches will be really quite limited, becoming something that is ultimately quite separate from our current core range and various series’. The attention to detail will shine bright, as mentioned with the tech specs, and will exemplify our commitment to quality over quantity absolutely. The artwork is also getting a serious overhaul, but more on that story later.

So, exciting times at Beaver Towers! It’s only going to get more exciting. Kamilla’s wonderful boyfriend very generously was on hand at our Birthday bash having a chat with various brewers and friends of Beavertown, getting their thoughts on all things Beaver and the state of things in general. Some really kind words in there, and it sums up this excellent industry quite eloquently. Until next time folks! Thanks for making this all so exciting.


Love, peace and beer,

Beavertown x

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