Peacher Man

We took last year’s Peacher man and made it more sessionable and refreshing for the summer months. ABV is dropped to 5% and dry hop and spices are removed to let the yeast and fruit flavours really come through.
We also added a lot of apricot to support the more subtle peach aromatics. Overall it has 120% more fruit than last year.

Peacher Man is back in town to “cleanse” your souls. Shining bright and hazy like honey and apricots the forbidden fruit will tempt even the most pious to stray. Bring that holy chalice up to your nose and inhale the sweet, intoxicating, holy incense. A miasma of Peach yoghurt and fuzzy peach skin pervades, with hints of banana and vanilla lurking in the shadows. Now for the sacrament, on the tongue classic witbier, all citrus peel, light spice and creamy, full bodied wheat lead into heavenly choirs of more peach yoghurt, vanilla and dried apricots. The final blessing comes in the form of a pithy, mouth-wateringly bitter finish that will leave you possessed and talking in tongues.

All hope abandon ye who drink here, through me you pass into the city of woe.



Peach and Apricot Wit






Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats, Wheat, Flaked Oats


WLP 400 Wit Yeast


Columbus, Spalter