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Lervig Collaboration


Back in early May 2014, we were invited to serve our beers at Mikkeller’s CBC festival in Copenhagen. We were surrounded by some of our heroes in the brewing world, standing shoulder to shoulder with these guys was a real honour and a very proud moment for Beavertown. One of those was Mike Murphy, the head brewer at Lervig from Stavanger, Norway. Mike is a brew legend who started his own brewery in Italy, moved to Copenhagen and now resides and brews on the beautiful east coast of Norway. We had a couple of great nights out at the CBC with Mike and over pretty hazy hung over breakfasts started formulating some fun times together brewing something at our new brewery in Tottenham Hale.

A style that we had always wanted to investigate was the ‘Gose’. The Gose originated in the early 16th century, from the German town of Goslar. It became popular in Leipzig where the natural water contained a high amount of salt, therefore causing the style to have a slight residual saltiness to taste with a lemon tartness and a herbal characteristic. Originally the Gose was spontaneously fermented but by the 1880s brewers had established how to ferment the beer with top fermenting yeast and the bacteria Lactobacillus. By the second World War the Gose had pretty much disappeared out of production. The only man knowing the original recipe passed it on to his stepson who then died in the 1960s and pretty much taking the Gose with him 6 feet under. The style was resurrected in Germany again in the late 80s and is now brewed by around 3 breweries in Germany. It is now being brewed elsewhere around the world. South Carolina’s Westbrook canned Gose is a particular winner for us at Beavertown.

So we knew the style was both salty (from the high salt concentrate in the local water) and tart (from the lactobacillus) with a slight herbal character. So we decided to base the beer on our house sour recipe, giving us a real nice drop in pH. The salt will be added to taste, we decided to use the Himalayan pink salt and we smashed up a load of coriander seeds and added to the boil to install a little herbal character to the wort.

We spent the morning smashing coriander seeds and making infused teas with the seeds and grading the level of salt we wanted to use. The idea was then to add another layer on to the base recipe. Fruit. Local Tottenham fruit. Picking up our hop buckets we set off down the canal and foraged as many Elderberry’s, Blackberry’s and Damson’s as we could, stopping at the wild Quince we discovered on a local estate.

Now the Gose will ferment out, we will age it on fruit for a good chunk of time and then add the salt to taste just prior to packaging. This will be a really exciting beer, made with the loving caress of Mike and James from Lervig. Look out for its release in a few months, hopefully in cans!?! We all ended up at our tap house Duke’s Brew and Que for some meat and beer, the end to a great day!

PS we have been invited to Lervig’s ‘What’s Brewing’ Invitational festival in Stavangar at the end of October. They are planning what sounds like one hell of a good time. Check it out here:

19 / 08 / 14

Rainbow Collaboration 2014!
(Sun Also Rises with Naparbier)

And from collaboration to another! Almost a year ago now, Ryan, of the delectable Siren Brewery down in Finchampsted, suggested an almighty collaborative effort that he christened the “Rainbow” collaboration.

The premise is simple. 7 breweries here were individually paired up with 7 other European breweries and assigned a colour. The beer they produced together ideally would be inspired in some way by the color, whether abstract or otherwise.

We were teamed up with Naparbier and assigned the colour orange to play with. At the time we were all very into our “Hemingway Daiquiris” and decided to go with “The sun also rises” as a name.

Here is the account of James going over to brew with the fantastic Naparbier. CLICK HERE not here

18 / 08 / 14

One Hell of a Beaver

As has been mentioned before, both here on the Beaver blog and numerous other craft beer scriptures, collaborations are fantastic for breweries. the yreally are confirmation of of the community that we live and work in, and Camden Town are one of those breweries that really understand and embody craft camaraderie! (They have proved pretty invaluable in the move to Big Beaver, and when we just fancy a little squeeze and kiss on the neck so we know everything is alright.) So we decided to collaborate, both as part of London Beer City week, and because if their “Indian Summer” is anything to go by, a Hells / Gamma Ray mash up is going to be pretty special.

Our great and glorious leaders pulled the trigger on this one (a rare occurrence both for both Breweries these days!) on Camdens kit. The way they use the space is fantastic – Daedalus himself would be proud. Their bar is also real atmospheric and laid back.

In order to make the day a little more special, and drop a certain Beavertown creative director and Camden graphic designer in it, a live label drawing collaboration was arranged – something I don’t believe the likes of has ever been seen during craft collabs. Whether or not there is a reason for that remains to be seen.

Essentially, Thomas Marshall, the talent behind a bucketload of Camden’s sweet posters, and Nick set up in Camden’s bar on a huge easel and created as many “exquisite corpses” as we could before the Indian Summer got the better of us. At this point we opened it up to the public. Now we have an A1 piece of paper covered in man parts that you will never ever ever see.

If you haven’t seen Thomas’ work before, immediately go here and experience awe. His characters are so insane and unique it was amazing trying to keep up.

A framed print of what we come up with once we have coloured all the images will be the prize in a raffle or competition held via twitter so watch this space yall.


Galvin Cafe A Vin Craft Beer Dinner

It’s that time again folks! A time when the notebooks come out, the debate over the definition of “real ale” rages, and the notebook ticks and taps on beer log apps can be heard throughout the land. That’s right, it’s CAMRAs Great British Beer Festival!

In honour of this historic event Logan is hosting this years Craft Beer Dinner at Galvin Café a Vin in Spitalfields on Saturday the 16th August at 7pm.

We have collaborated with these guys by way of sending them a run of unique Beaver beers. Their Head Chef, Jack Boast, has paired every course of his special 3-course meal (created just for the night) with one of them. Our great and glorious leader will of course be on hand to guide guests through each of the hand picked pairings and share his age-old wisdom.

You can view the spectacular menu in its entirety here, but it looks like space is already extremely limited so if you would like to head down, give Elise a call on 0207299040 or email her at to guarantee a place at the table.


One Hell of a Beaver.

Ohhhhh what a surprise, another craft beer collaboration. YAAAAWN

**SLAP** Shut it you.

Friends, enemies (we will crush you) and interested people! On Friday 15th August we will be teaming up with our good buddies Camden Town Brewery, and brewing up an unholy collab. “One Hell of a Beaver” will be the best of two already pretty great worlds, Camden Town's Hells Lager and our Gamma Ray APA mash-up and will be one hell of a beer, you mark my words..

But that’s not all, folks. We are also collaborating on the artwork. Our illustrative conquistador of all creative alchemy (Logan wrote that bit) Nick Dwyer and Thomas Slater (who provided the excellent branding for Camden’s Indian Summer, Flue Faker, Emperor Nero and more) will be collaborating on the artwork too, which will take the form of the label, pump clip and what have you.

That’s right, we’re drawing / painting / flower arranging together! Should be really fun! In addition to getting to watch it all unfold there will be a raffle for the original piece of artwork too. If we see it on ebay, its your kneecaps.

Camden are putting on our Gamma Ray APA, Neck Oil Session IPA, Smog Rocket Smoked Porter, Lemon Phantom Sour, Black Betty Black IPA and No Dawn For Man our unreleased first time ever Double IPA in addition to their awesome beers, and pizza from Born & Raised! Literally nothing should trump coming down.

Friday the 15th of August as part of London Beer City week, 7-10pm. Be there or be a some sort of regular polygon.


Beavertown Tap Room Launch.

This weekend we opened our doors to the public for the first time, launching the Beavertown Tap Room with 10 taps and a myriad of other delicious beaver beers. And what a weekend it was, with around 400 people showing up for the beer, the pulled pork provided by Dukes Brew and Que, the burgers provided by Bear Burger, and falafel provided by Hoxton beach.

The selection of beers available was tailored to suit even the most specific tastes, with everything from “Lemon Phantom,” our attempt at a beer as delicious and refreshing as Lemon Fanta (“Well you totally nailed it” – everyone ever,) to “‘Spresso”, our dark and mysterious imperial coffee stout we brewed with Caravan.

The BBQ boys from Dukes doing their thing..

The brew queue! Like our own little ride, taking you through the warehouse, past our towering brew kit and into the bar and the beer!

All in all a great day! The weather held, the Burger Bear guys pumped the tunes and dished out the best burgers money could buy, Hoxton beach cooked up a veggie storm with their falafel and the beer went down smooth.

The crew sipping their well earned drinks at the end of a darn busy day!

See you all this Saturday for more fun! This week there will be some real special food from our buddies at Dosa Deli, and the same Beavertown beer you know and love!

Love Beavertown x


Read up folks!



Anybody who has been keeping up with us via our various connections to your various computer things will have seen that the times they are a changing’at Beaver towers!

Its been an incredible couple of months. A little under two months ago we said goodbye to our home at Stour Road in Hackney Wick, brewing one last hurrah of Gamma Ray, alongside our collaboration with Prairie Brewery (look here for Americans and Brits doing a brewing,) and headed for the lofty heights of Tottenham Hale, where our aspirations of becoming a sensational tap house for thirsty weekends, running a well oiled and mega efficient canning and bottling line and above all, brewing all our fantastic beers on a magnificent scale, would be realized.

And oh boy were they realized. I could tell you, but I would rather show you.

Our divine packaging lord, Matt, surveying the Beaver kingdom the day it all went up.

And he saw that it was good.

The glorious day our cans arrived.

The even more glorious-er day we started brewing.

Down fermentation vessel alley. I have included a Matt for scale. Hes preeeety.

In anticipation of the first cans to roll off the line.

There is very little downtime on our new canning line, so this is a pretty rare shot if it relaxing in the South of France with its family. (Disclaimer: Its actually Canadian)

Warehouse Tetris

Little Beaver is still here though! Still the heartbeat of Beavertown, now reserved for James’ experimental and one off Alpha brews (James’ marvelous medicine.)

Tech porn. The bottling line and its admirers.

ITS ALIVE. Matt and his proud parent face.

Straight from line to your face in one fell swoop.

And on down days James and I take romantic walks in our scenic surroundings. Nothing happened. I promise. (We are actually picking elderflowers for our upcoming collaboration with “Look Mum No Hands!.” Stay tuned.)

So there you have it! Big Beaver! Watch this space for more news and exciting adventures. We will be opening the Beaver Tap House from the 5th of July, all things being equal so come on down for fresh Beaver Kegs, Bottles, cans and merch along with Beaver exclusives!

See you on the 5th of July! Come thirsty.

Love Beavertown x


The first of which will be...

Followed closely by the rest of the core range!




The journey started just about two years ago on February 15th, 2012. We sold our first pint of Beavertown 8 Ball Rye IPA at Duke's Brew & Que, in De Beauvoir, Hackney. That was our first sale ever. I was so so happy to be pulling that pint from a cask next to the FV's where it fermented in the cellar, underneath the brew house upstairs opposite the smokers. We started with two 4 barrel FV's, brewing once a week. In July 2012, James joined the team, we bought another two old 4 barrel 'sputnik' FV's and moved the fermentation across De Beauvoir Square to a lock up. Now we could brew twice a week at Duke's, ferment at the 'Lock up' and do a little bottling to wholesale.

We started bottling the 8 Ball Rye IPA and the Smog Rocket Smoked Porter, not your obvious choices of first brews to send out in to the world but they both typified us and where we had started. 8 Ball for the pork ribs and Smog for the beef. We then added Black Betty Black IPA and the Gamma Ray APA soon after, bottling more and starting to keg. We were constantly honing our recipes and experimenting as much as possible. We needed to brew more.

So we ploughed pretty much all the money we had accrued from Duke's over it's first year of business into migrating in April 2013 and actually cutting the cord! We pulled the 4 barrel kit out of the kitchen, put it in the back of the van (literally), bought another 10 self-fabricated/second hand FV's and moved to Hackney Wick. Now we were rocking! 14 brew spaces!! That meant we could up production to an average of 6-8 brews per week depending on packaging.

Things have been going great since the move. We have been absolutely brewing our asses off since April 2013. Our beers are starting to spread across the capital and further a field. We are so so happy with the way things have gone. Adversity has also taught us a lot of lessons, we hold them dear.

Now, we come to phase 3, the next big push....

We are moving to Tottenham Hale on to Lockwood Industrial Park to a 10,000 sqft split unit. One side brew house and packaging the other Barrel ageing. In the middle a bar.

From here on out, we'll keep you up to date with the developments on site. The 30 barrel kit arrives end of March, the canning line mid April, the bar hopes to be up for 'Open House' Saturdays soon after that in the Summer. We hope to have some of Duke's BBQ wares on offer too, starting with the Pulled Pork sliders and Brisket burgers.

The 4 barrel 'mother' kit will sit next to it's big baby. It'll be constantly brewing and pushing the experimental Alpha Series into barrel and beyond...

We'd love you to all come and join us...Come to Beavertown! We'll let you know when we are crank the copper and open up the house.

Here are some early development shots from the new site.

The front door to Unit 17.

New drainage channel in place.

Walls going up.

Split. Left - Unit 17 (brew house/FVs/packaging) & Right - Unit 18 (Barrel ageing & Wildness and dry/packaging goods/stock).

Flooring liner going down.

Raised new brew house/FV floor nearly done.

Raised channel.

Unit 17 - The next site for Big Beaver brew house.



The Quelle Saison came about through messing with the new Neck Oil Pale recipe. Basically, we have been working the Neck Oil for the last few months. What originally started out as a mission for me to create a homage to my local Black Country Bitter, has since changed quite dramatically. It's amazing how as a brewer and a brewery you can start with visions that over the period of literally months suddenly get warped into a totally other hemisphere. So the Neck Oil went from being a dash of low colour crystal malt to what is now an upfront, punchy, alpha US hop driven 'session' IPA at 4.3%. We are loving the new direction of the recipe but still weren't content. So in came the 4.1% Quelle!?! Let's take the theory of a whacking low ABV pale and twist it into another ball park, so adding the French Saison yeast. Now we had the back bone of the Pale but fermented out super low so it's as dry as a bone, pale as pale can be and honking with a nose of pokey US dry hops and the under belly of the French Saison aromatics. BOOM!

We are so happy with the Quelle. It's a great sign when all the brewers' and other work colleagues are reaching for the box of samples at the end of the day, we went through multi 'sample' cases of the Quelle. It's back if you missed it's January 2014 release. There will be bottles and kegs flying around the UK. This beer has got a really chance of making it from the Alpha Series to the Core. LOVE IT!!

The label was drawn and designed by Philippe Fenner who has been one of our work colleagues at Beavertown since March 2013. The label is inspired by the Flemish farmers and their wares, the original brewer's and drinkers of the Saison. Check out Phil's other great pieces of work at




Stingy was a miserable old drunk who loved playing tricks on everyone. One Halloween night, Jack ran into the Devil himself in a local pub. Jack tricked the Devil into buying him one last drink in exchange for his soul. The Devil turned himself into a six pence to pay the bar tender but Jack snatched the coin and put it in his pocket next to a silver crucifix, trapping the Devil. Jack refused to let the Devil go unless he promised not to take his soul for another 10 years. The Devil agreed and Jack let him go.

Ten years later the Devil found Jack on a country road, he had come back to collect what he was due. Jack thought quickly "OK, but before you take my soul can you get me one last apple from that tree?" The Devil saw no harm in this and jumped into the tree to get the apple. Straight away Jack drew a crucifix on the tree trapping the Devil again. This time, Jack made the Devil promise he would never take his soul when he passed away. The Devil had no option but to agree.

Stingy Jack eventually died and went to the Gates of Heaven. God would not let him enter as he was a deceitful, tight-fisted old drunk. Jack went to the bowls of Hell. The Devil kept his word and would not let him enter either. He sent Jack back out in to the darkness giving him a burning ember from the fires of hell to light his way. The burning rock was too hot for Jack to carry so he hollowed out an old pumpkin and placed the ember inside. He walked off into the dark abyss with the glowing pumpkin lighting his way and was never seen again....

Stingy Jack is our Spiced Pumpkin Ale, perfect for these Autumnal nights closing in and the coming of Halloween and Thanksgiving. We used a load of spices at the end of the boil as well as roast pumpkins glazed in maple syrup.

The label is designed by our Art Director Nick Dwyer and shows a drunk old Stingy leaning up a wall outside his local pub with the Devil hanging off his back.

Stingy Jack is now out in 330ml bottle and 30 litre kegs.



We have just this week released our latest Beavertown Alpha brew, the Barley Champagne. So what do Barley and Champagne have to do with one another. Well, whilst sitting there at the end of a long days brew and bottling in what was the sauna of Beavertown Brewery during the Summer, we started to sink a few Gamma's and talk about our next Saison. Whilst deliberating about which strain to use, the Dupont or the French, we started not to breakdown the characteristics of yeasts but actually drop the barriers of the style and perception of what a Saison should be. To see beer as really a considered amalgamation of choice ingredients that are to be blended and crafted into a 'thing', the 'thing' being the end result, the beer. A blank canvas. We didn't want any boundaries to the brew, let's take away styles and actually bring the most out of the ingredients into something special. James said he had been sitting on the idea of creating a beer as close to Champagne as possible. So we had the basis: Barley, French Saison for the Champagne....To us in it's simplest form Champagne is crisp, tart and refreshing. How can we impart this onto the Barley base ingredient. Apples....Bramley Apples. These apples are usually eaten cooked due to their sour, tartness. Perfect. Now we have the Barley, the French Saison yeast and the tart Bramley Apples. We started to device a recipe, one that would accentuate the nuances of the apples both in flavour and aroma. We built a high ABV simple malt recipe and decided to go fairly heavy with the apples. Being based in Hackney Wick the orchards of Kent aren't too far away, so I got on the phone and called my favourite orchard, Chegworth Valley. Linda, the owner loved the idea we had come up with, the fact that we could collaborate together on what sounded like a delicious beer. So she sent us a few boxes of her finest Bramley Apple juice and away we went...

The plan was to add the Apples during the brew process at a time where by the characteristic of the Apples would be maximised and not lost. That was our main concern, to maintain the tartness and esters of the apples. We kept the fermentaion lower than we would usually ferment our Saisons, so as not to draw to many esters out of the yeast, again helping the apples to stay strong and shine. It all went great, brew and fermentation...the brew was tasting bang on.

660ml bottles were chosen, this is a beer for sharing. 8.7%, a Barley Champagne! The tart, sweet/sour ester undertones of the Bramley apples sit on top of the juicy malt backbone with the french Saison yeast poking it's head through every now and again. We worked with another of our friends John Walters on the artwork. John is a great artist. For the label we told him about the brew idea and he came up with something that we feel really resonates the 'Farmhouse' feel of the brew.

We are really happy with the concept of trying to create a brew through a vision, trying to achieve an unusual end result with chosen ingredients to bring about a specific end. So happy we barrelled half the brew in one of our Cote de Beaune 'Pommard' Red Burgundy barrels. This will be released later as a treat!

If you can hunt down a bottle of this lovely brew, enjoy it chilled with some friends. Think about what we tried to achieve and make your own mind up. We loved it that much we all turned to into pigs.

(*Thanks Duke's Brew and Que)



Here is a picture of all the crew at Beaver Towers. We were honoured in being voted joint winners along with the Independent newspaper of the 2013 Most Beard Friendly Employer of the Year. This was awarded by the Beard Liberation Front, Thanks guys!!



So as many of you may know, we moved out of our brother's home, Duke's Brew & Que, back in late March 2013. We brought in 9 more FV's which gave us 13 in total. Since then we have brewing our asses off to try and get more Beaver out to you guys around London and little bits beyond the M25.

What do you do for your 100th brew?!? We sat, pondered, scratched our heads and then Ben one of our brewer's had a brain wave. The ancient Slavic KVASS! Oh yes that ol' beauty! OK, not your everyday brew and probably most of you may not have heard of or come across it.

A bit about Kvass: It is traditionally brewed in eastern European countries and by Russian standards is a non alcoholic drink, even though it is usually 1-2% ABV. Hahaha! Kvass in old Slavic literally means Yeast and everyone used to drink it from peasants to monks. Back in the good old days of Peter the Great, it was referred to as "cooling and well tasted!"

Then came the Raisins. We added 10kg of these as we mashed in the mix of pale barley and rye malt and also dumped all the soaked rye bread into the mix. This was the stodgiest mash we had ever come across!

The mash was then left to cool down to 45c. Here we added a good chunk of the Lemon zest, juice and a load more of the raisins.

Now we thought we'd funk it up a touch.10kg of pale malt was then stirred into the mash. Malt naturally containers the bacteria Lactobacillus and at 37-40c it likes to go wild and party. This little friend is what creates that Sourness within a Berliner Weisse for example. So we let the mash sit for 24hrs. Low and behold the Lactobacillus had started to propagate, giving us what we wanted, a slight tang to the wort through the production of Lactic acid.

After the longest sparge in history, we had a kettle full of hot wort. We dropped a wafer thin dollop of hop into the boil. On running off to the heat exchange we used the underback as an infusion vessel and ran the wort through more lemons and raisins on the way to the FV where we added a little clean American yeast.

In 14 days time we will have bottles and a few kegs of the freshest Kvass known to man. This brew needs to be drunk fresh as fresh can be and will definitely be “cooling and well tasted!” On first tasting out the Fv it has a lemon ice tea tang to it!?!

Stalin was a good ol' boy and he loved his Kvass on a hot Summers day!?!

Look out for our UNCLE JOE’S KVASS London!!



This little beastie has just been released in 330ml bottle and a few kegs too. This is a beer we brewed originally back in November 2012 with our friend Ben who at the time was brewing at Camden Town but now finds himself at The Kernel. Our aim was to drive forward a really smooth, mellow Stout characteristic but pack it with as much hop forward flavour as possible. So we picked mild darker malts instead of the traditional more roasted coffee like tones of Roasted Barley for example and we dropped a load of US hops toward the end of the boil. What we got was a big old Indian Stout. Indian coming from the hops we've used, so instead of an IPA this is more of an ISA? Indian Stout Ale?

We are using the original label as designed by Oliver Dickens. Oliver's fine line and creativity brought the Black Yeti to life. We love it. So much so, there will be Beavertown Black Yeti T shirts soon!!



It's been a long standing dream of ours....SOURING!

We did it the old fashioned way by basically giving the little Lactobacillus creepies their favourite conditions to multiply in. This being a pair of old Granny's tights of course.

We then let them infect everything for about 4 days and POW...Sour beer. Fermentation and conditioning was next and then we split the batch. The first half went into one of our Cote de Nuit, Burgundy barrels. Still with the waft and juice of the Red wine lingering on the French Oak, we will give the Sour time to absorb and mould the flavours from the barrel into it's own being. The mild flavours of Peach and Lemon from the Sour will blend really nicely with the richness lingering from the Burgundy Red. Very exciting.

The other half is conditioning in one of our grundies. We are going to infuse that with fruit and let it sit for about 6 weeks. We are thinking Damsons.

Watch this space for some big 660ml bottles of Beavertown London Sour to help quench your Summer.



Unit 4, Stour Rd, Hackney Wick, Bow, London. E3 2NT

The House that... Paul Richardson, Ben Turley, James Rylance, Jim & Rory Shepherd, Byron Knight and Logan Plant built. This is not a new Boy Band! It's the Beaver Crew. Without ploughing beyond the realms of time and space we would not be where we are today. It took one almighty push. God built Earth in 7 days...lazy bugger rested on one of them too, not us! We dug deep (literally). 16 hours a day for 7 days straight. Drilling, digging, scraping, grinding, yanking, bleeding, laughing and of course drinking.

We cut the cord from our Brother, Duke's Brew & Que.

Threw the Brewhouse into the back of the Beaver mobile and set it in place at Stour Rd.

Then we sweat blood and tears...

We bought a load of scaff poles and planks and built our new Brew House.

Plumbed everything in, sparked it all up and away we went. We started the move on the 15th March and finished it on the 22nd March and haven't looked back since! We now have a home we call "BEAVER TOWERS"

You now know where we are and you're all more than welcome to come visit us under the shadows of the Olympic Stadium. We have plans for a Beaver Bar & Beaver Food....Watch this space!



Today was a great day. We started Barrel Ageing for the first time. This is a process we've been gaging to get going at Beavertown. We've been talking about it for the past 7-8 months and at last received our first 2 barrels a couple of days ago. We timed it just right. About to complete it's fermentation and rest was our biggest brew to date, the "Heavy Water Imperial Stout" and in came the two barrels. Both were sent down from Scotland, both still fresh with the Whisky that had not long been racked in to bottles up North. We emptied the last dregs in to a glass. A wee nip in the morning!

250 litres of the 'Heavy Water' were pumped in to the top of the barrel. The air being forced out as the brew went in was something else. Rich, raison sweet whisky notes mixed with the 9% monster of a dark, dark Imperial Stout going in. This is going to be amazing in a few months. There was a lot of love putting the barrel in place. We positioned the sterilised Hessian and gave the new bung a good whack, sealing the beast shut.

We will test the batch in about 45 days to see how she's doing. From there on, little tasters will be taken and when the brew is just right, it will be bottled. We expect the brew to finish at around 10% after conditioning a little in the barrel and of course absorbing 20 years of Oak infused Scottish Whiskey. If we're lucky we should get about 700 bottles. Each bottle will be numbered and signed with a unique label. This is our first Barrel Aged beer!

1000 have been bottled without the Barreling process and will be available in a few months. Watch this space!



As we count down the days left brewing in Duke's Central plans for the breweries new home in Hackney Wick take shape. Drawings on napkins, drunken arguments over whether a slide or fireman’s pole is the best way to get from the office to the mash tun and other serious orders of business.

With the new space we’re getting a load more fermenters and lots of tasty oak barrels, the first of which arrived the other day!

This allows us to play more and brew up a storm. Alpha experimental brews in the pipe line:-

• Whisky barrel aged Imperial Stout
• Berliner Weisse
• The Big IPA
• Indian Pale Ale (tamarind, coriander etc)
• Black country Black Ale
• Small Beer
• Damson/cherry/raspberry Sour
• Steam beer
• Gose
• Red/white wine Barrel Aged Sour
• Imperial Brown Ale (probably barrel aged for a laugh!)
• Citrus Pale (zest of orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon)
• Bretty Betty Black IPA
• Ancient Egyptian Ale (honey, dates, wheat, chamomile)
• Saisons

To name but a few……

So lots to look forward in the months to come. Keep your ears to the ground and get your hands on a Beaver!



Dogfish Head, Milton, Delaware.

December 2012

I wanted to re-cap on a little adventure I went on back in December 2012. I was lucky enough to be in Washington DC and decided that Delaware was not that far away from DC, at least on the map it looked pretty close? And what's in Delaware other than a load of farming land....DOGFISH HEAD BREWERY. So that's what I did!!
We drove from Washington DC to the Chesapeake Bay area then on to the Dogfish headquarters in Milton, Delaware. The journey only took a few hours?!? My God was it worth the miles of flat tundra. A beautiful vision of stainless greeted usl! The biggest and most inspiring FVs I'd ever seen and these were just the new ones.

They had nearly 80 of these, not all as huge but non the less a whole lot of capacity. This brewery chugs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week at the mo, expanding at huge rates just supplying 26 States in the US. You can't get their brews in the UK anymore as they can't brew enough for the US market, let alone export.

We were greeted by insightful, dedicated and passionate Dogfish co-workers, all with the drive of the brewery and it's visions at heart. The Tour takes us in to the Brew House. Here's me looking like the Cat who got the cream, all Beavered up of course.

We move around the brewery taking in all the little nuances like the "Peeing Cherub"

Then the "Sofa King Hoppy" machine used to continually hop the 60, 75, 90 and 120 Minute IPA's. Genius.

We venture into one of the Fermenting rooms and come face to face with what's got to be the biggest Oak Barrel's on the Planet? Three of the buggers! and the Palo Santo barrel. Mammoth!

The storage warehouses to the side of the brewery itself were never-ending. Keg line "The Tunnel of Love" and the bottling line chugging non stop. Eventually out to the entrance again where the Steampunk Treehouse from the 2007 Burning Man Festival stands. Wacky as they come, off-centred no doubt. Love it! What a place to have business meetings!

We had an amazing few hours in the company of Dogfish. The World of beer lives in the veins of every single person who we met there. The ethos of Dogfish and the care and promise for great beer sits at the forefront of them all. A tribute to Sam and all the gang. An inspiration..

Thank you!

Here's a pic of Sam sporting his Beaver merch.

We also got a great slab to take away too...



We are really close to signing off on a new space for our 4 barrel kit plus 7 extra fermentors, giving us 11 in total. Here's a little picture. It'll give us 2600sq/ft, allowing us to brew everyday which means we can continue to brew our core beers as well as experimenting through the Alpha Series every few weeks which really excites us! We have lots of planned funky brews and collaborations on the horizon, the new space is going to be a real brew hive. We'll let you know all the details once things are signed, sealed and delivered. Exciting times ahead!


Today we are brewing the Black Betty Black IPA, a brew we concieved back in October 2012. We wanted to brew our first IPA and decided to play around with Carafa malts within the mash. So we dabbled a little bit here and a little bit there, threw it on, shovelled it off and amazingly came up with just a hint of roast to sit underneath the mass of juicy malt and tropical hops. We love Betty. She makes us happy.

Here is the new artwork that has just been released on the Betty bottle. It is designed by our good friend Jonah Schulz ( who as you can see is not only a top illustrator but also a kick ass Brewer. Thanks Jonah! The picture shows the Penitentiary wagon taking the Beaver Pyramid to the Gallows. Black Betty has a number of meanings from whips to liquor bottles, songs to wagons.