Universal Mind – Our Rainbow Project 2016 with Parrotdog

13 Sep 2016

Universal Mind

Jenn and Logan first met Matt from Parrotdog in Philadelphia at CBC, and immediately knew we were on to a winner being paired up with them for 2016’s International Rainbow Event. Everybody (Eeeeverybody) at Parrotdog is called Matt, so one can safely assume the whole brewery is a cloning experiment with varying degrees of success. This success became all the more apparent when we attempted to start an email thread with all of the Matts copied in.

Luckily, the hive mind was on our level and we loved the idea of going with some sort of historical or extinct style that’s rarely seen – which is where the idea of brewing an “Adambier” cropped up. This beer is our twist on a historic Dortmund recipe; started with traditional German malts, a touch of Scottish peat smoke, golden naked oats for a creamy body, and then finished with loads of Molasses and brown sugar, aged in Marsala barrels

At 10.5% ABV its not to be taken lightly though, look after yourselves folks. Adamier is traditionally a strong, smoky, top-fermenting sour beer that spends around 2 years in barrel. Whilst it’s similar to Belgian beers of its time, it has an unusually high hop content. Ours forgoes that much time in barrel and is, as a result, a little more rounded, less sour, but still smoky. Originally brewed around the turn of last century by a brewery called “Dortmund,” in Germany, it faded into extinction as taste and preference shifted to lighter beers such a traditional pilsners and lagers – the only brewery we know of brewing one is Hair Of The Dog in Oregon, with “Adam.”


The concept behind the artwork started with the name, “Adambier” (not Mattbier.) Adam is likely most famous for being the first human being. We started doing some research, focusing on not being too obvious, and stumbled upon the Druze faith. In the Gnostic Texts of The Druze, the Universal Mind is both the cause of eternal punishment AND the cause of eternal salvation of the souls, (a little like drinking is both the hangover but also the fond memories of the night before. Or not. Definitely not.) In a little heavier depth, people of the Druze faith believe you seek a power known as The Creator through your own Adamic powers, using the essence of the Universal Mind to do so. Still with us?

Anyway, there is a lot of duality in this beer, just as there is a lot of duality in what we are attempting to achieve – we are literally on opposing hemispheres! The collaborative effort of both breweries, the creating, the feedback, the process: the works, are all a dualistic effort to provide you with something not only interesting, but challenging at the same time.
We look forward to hear what you think of it!
Team Beaver

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