United Craft Brewers

16 Oct 2015


During a panel discussion at the Brooklyn Brewery’s London Mash towards the end of April, Logan and Jasper, on behalf of Beavertown, Camden Town Brewery, Magic Rock, Brewdog and James Clay, announced the upcoming formation of the United Craft Brewers – an association of British craft breweries with the intention of not only crystallising and upholding the values of British craft beer, but also to protect the interests of the ever growing number of craft breweries in the UK, the beers they produce, and most importantly, the incredible community of beer drinkers and enthusiasts.


While it was us five who got the ball rolling and opened up the conversation, its important that everybody involved in one way or another has a say in the way they see the future of craft beer evolving, and how the stunning standard of beer we have all worked so hard to achieve can be maintained. As brewers we’ve been discussing for the last few years about defining, protecting and promoting what we do. This is our chance to unite, educate and push our industry forward together.


So with the launch of www.unitedcraftbrewers.com we invite you to join the conversation and become a part of what will hopefully be a huge shared resource. We will be holding a round table discussion in September that you can register interest in attending on the website. We couldn’t be more grateful for the initial response, especially considering the name of the game is collaboration and a huge focus on the sharing of information, knowledge and best practice. A rising tide lifts all ships!

Here are the other guys posts:
Below is the official press release for the UCB association to have a gander at too.

The Beavertown Team x

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