The road to Beaverworld

15 May 2018

We first moved out of our birth place Duke’s Brew and Que over to Hackney Wick in 2013 eager for more space and brewing capacity to meet the first growth in demand for our beer. A year later in 2014 we moved up to Tottenham Hale and onto our first ‘big’ kit, wide eyed and wet behind the ears, not fully aware of what this might ultimately become. We found out very quickly that the beer we were brewing, and the industry we were in was growing faster than any of us could have predicted and over the past 4 years we haven’t always been able to be immediately forthcoming with beer due to not growing beyond our production means and capacity constraints on site.

It’s been update after update, new FV’s after new FV’s, hop cannons, centrifuges and brewing at Redchurch to help provide temporary respite from a lack of beer, the operative word being ‘temporary’.

We knew a few years back that we needed more space to brew and to grow so that we could keep pushing the boundaries of where craft beer is seen and drunk. After all, there is no good reason to drink bad beer anymore in the UK! We want our beer to be accessible to all and are driven by the mantra “Let’s get great beer on to every street corner!”. So, we started looking at sites and plots of land all over London for a new, bigger home and finally we found one. A glorious blank canvas for us to build from the ground up, kitted out with all the stuff needed to take our beer and our brewing to the stars and beyond. To a place we like to call Beaverworld!

In brief, our vision for Beaverworld is a large-scale production facility and visitor experience designed and built by us, for us and you the drinker. We are aiming to build one of the world’s best beer/brewing experiences all within this great city of London enabling us to bring more drinkers into the world of Beavertown, to entertain and stimulate and let people see what we do, how we do it and why we do it first-hand.

The timescale for all this is a little fluid, initial projections give us a move in date of Summer 2019 if all goes to plan – which is pretty fast in building terms but also a pretty long time to wait when everyone is still desperate for beer. So, we have taken what we’ve learned about brewing at our friends Redchurch and we’re upscaling it. As part of the transition on to a much larger brew house we have reached an arrangement to brew a little more beer at Brouwerij De Brabandere in Belgium. Brouwerij De Brabandere have been family owned and operated for 5 generations since 1894 and come with a great pedigree of producing great beers from their Petrus Traditional and Petrus Sour range to their hero beer Bavik Pils. Over the course of the next 18 months, brewing with Brouwerij De Brabandere will allow us to organically grow the amount of beer available to the trade, but also, very importantly, will mean that when Beaverworld is fully operational we will have spent serious time learning how to brew on a kit the same size and specification as we are investing in, helping us to transition seamlessly into our new home and hit the ground running.

The beers brewed at Brouwerij De Brabandere will be kegs of our two most in demand brews, Gamma Ray and Neck Oil. These will both be brewed using the exact same ingredients (that we will be shipping over), to the exact same specifications and brewed and monitored by Team Beaver.

All this stable organic growth means that as the craft market continues to develop and expand in both drinker and demographic, we can continue to grow with it, and guarantee you the best Beavertown beer and experience for many years to come. We are so excited about the future of the UK brewing industry and our place within what is such a vibrant movement and we are thrilled to be taking another huge step towards what we hope will be one of the most renowned beer experiences in the world. Surpassing the dreams we concocted in the cellar of Duke’s in 2012 has been truly mind blowing for Team Beaver. Striving to cement the UK and London as a beer paradise and helping to drive the craft beer sector forward is our goal. Part of this mission is all about creating great experiences based around beer and getting great amber nectar in to the hands of the masses. This is another step to fulfilling that vision and laying the foundations to Beaverworld!

We’ll be regularly updating you all on the progress of Beaverworld, so keep your eyes peeled, there will be loads more details for us to share along the way.

Roll on 2019!

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