The British Guild of Beer Writers – Brewer of the Year 2015

21 Nov 2015

In January 2016 it will have been 2 years since Jenn joined team Beaver. Back in the early summer of 2014 I came across Jenn, she sent me an email and attached her CV. It was immense. I was blown away by her levels of brewing education and the experience she accrued in the brew houses of many great breweries. At that time we had just moved the old 4bbl kit out of Duke’s and over to Hackney Wick. There were 5 of us then. I was still leading the brewing daily but I knew the brewery was going to grow and that I needed a figure head loaded with brew experience and knowledge to help us push forward. I kept Jenn’s CV very close at hand. Six months later the time was right. I had constructed a plan and found a site that would house our new Beaver expansion. Now all I needed was to bring in the right person to take us forward into the brave new world. That’s when I picked up the phone and gave Jenn a call.

Much to her dismay, Logan chose to literally sing her praises.

At Beavertown, everybody amounts to everything. Knowledge and experience is vital to each member of our team but the type of person is also key. Jenn is a great person. Kind, considerate, tactful, funny, driven and intelligent. From the ground up she has helped construct what Beavertown has become over the past 2 years, integrally weaving and stitching the threads of our culture and ethos together and pushing quality and consistency in all we do and strive for. I believe we have one of the top brew professionals in the UK and I can’t congratulate her enough on her achievement of The British Guild of Beer Writers – Brewer of the Year 2015.

Well done Jenn from all at Team Beaver!


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