Here we welcome you on our journey into the wild unknown. It was a long held dream of ours to work with wooden barrels and explore the complexity of flavour they offer. We began experimenting with wood back in our Hackney Wick days, but the Tempus Project started in earnest when we moved to Tottenham in 2014, these beers – as the name suggests, take time, and it wasn’t until 2016 that we began to see the fruits of this twisted old tree ripen, ready to be plucked from the barrels and shared with you. Some beers will work the characteristic of the barrel into the beer, whilst others will be used as a vessel to protect and nurture the wonderful alchemy of wild yeast and bacteria, showing how they morph and mutate our beers. We have invested in a segregated ‘wild’ space away from our clean/sanitized brew house and fermentation, along with a dedicated Tempus Project brew team. Today the Tempus Project houses 450 barrels, a pair of Foeders and a couple of traditional terracotta amphora, all being utilised for their unique transformative properties. Such is the organic nature of the Tempus Project, no two beers will be exactly the same and in the coming months and years Tempus will spawn hundreds of new, exciting, unique brews that will exist only once, never to be copied and repeated, from wild yeast fermented golden ales, and whisky barrel aged stouts to sourdough fermented Kvasses and bretted wine barrel aged pales the list will grow and grow. Part of that list will be a core Tempus Project range that will consist of a Wild Yeast IPA, Mixed Fermentation Saison and Amphora Gose. These beers will be readily available and brewed on a rotational basis. Each bottling will be subtly different from the last, as is the way of Tempus as these beers continue to evolve.


Collaboration between Tempus and Alefarm in Copenhagen, Denmark. 100% Brettanomyces...

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