The 3rd Rainbow Collaboration Project

17 Oct 2015


It was a pleasure to host the 3rd annual Rainbow launch party at Beaver Towers. Near on 2000 people turned up to enjoy the day. We were blessed by the Gods!!! Beautiful sunshine and 34 amazing beers.

Beer list
The “calm” before the storm…
Which quickly became “the storm”!

This year’s event saw the 7 UK craft breweries pair with 7 US brethren craft breweries. The energy, spirit, knowledge and camaraderie invested by all involved was a real testament to both the collaborative synergy and the power of friendship. Each new brew was so well considered and beautifully executed. The US guys all making huge efforts to fly over the pond to brew. In an industry where everyday is action packed and super busy, it was again a real testament to those guys for making the trip.

Team Violet + Logan Camphand
Texas Joe was spinning all day! Only took a break for…
Keith Pearson’s Coup de Grass! STOMPIN.

A big thank you must go to Jeffers and Jim from Firestone Walker Barrelworks and Jonathan, Brett and Patrick from Arizona Wilderness for making the trip over to London to enjoy the launch, chat all things beer and kick back and enjoy with everyone. Added thanks to all the food vendors on the day, Tiberi, Hoxton Beach, Prairie Fire and a couple of our favourite Tottenham neighbours, Craving Coffee and Wildes Cheese!

A humbling turnout!

The day was a prime showcase for our great brewing industry and how bringing minds together pushes the boundaries and blows through expectations of what can be achieved. It was a pleasure to be involved, and a final thanks goes out to the Beaver team who made the whole thing run so unbelievably smooth!

Until next year…..!

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