The Stars of The Beavertown Extravaganza: 3 Floyds and Heretic!

1 Aug 2017

During the next month we will introduce you to the stars of Beavertown Extravaganza!
Sometimes they have written something, sometimes Logan has interviewed them..Sometimes it’s something completely different.
First two up are 3 Floyds and Heretic! Enjoy!

(Please be aware there are *some* swearing in this video)

3 Floyd’s beer list for the Beavertown Extravaganza

Friday 8/9:Zombie Dust Pale Ale
Battle of Charro II BA Imperial Brett IPA
Permanent Funeral DIPA
Molten Mirrors Saison
Sicario Piña Sour
Rue d’Floyd BA Imperial Porter

Saturday 9/9:Zombie Dust Pale Ale
Battle of Charro II BA Imperial Brett IPA
Permanent Funeral DIPA
Molten Mirrors Saison
Sicario Piña Sour
Dark Lord de Muerte BA Imperial Stout
Fave ninja turtle:Donatello


With Chief Heretic: Jamil Zainasheff

1.Tell us about your brewery and include a fun/surprising/interesting fact!
Heretic Brewing Company is a family owned brewery in Fairfield California (right near the Napa valley). We have a vision of a sustainable brewery that is a benefit to its community (all our electricity is purchased from a wind farm). Owners Jamil and Liz Zainasheff founded Heretic and brewed their first beer in May of 2011. Jamil Zainasheff is well known throughout the beer brewing world, having gained notoriety as one of the most award winning home brewers of all time. He is also known for podcasting and writing, with more than 80 magazine articles, 3 books, and 10 years of podcasting on The Brewing Network. Regardless of Jamil’s style expertise, Heretic’s philosophy is that beer shouldn’t be ordinary and who cares about following styles?

We’re strict on only doing collaborations with people we like and know. A fun fact is that we’ve done more brewing collaborations with our friends around the world than collaborations in the USA. We’ve had five collaborations with our friends in England and hope to do many more. Craft beer and its passionate fans actually help the world become a closer, friendlier, nicer place. I’ll certainly drink to that!

2. You are coming to The Beavertown Extravaganza, what are you most looking forward to?

Mostly being back in England and seeing my friends that I’ve made through craft beer. I just love it there. What a wonderful country and what wonderful people. I can’t visit enough.

Heretic’s beer list for the Beavertown Extravaganza

Friday 8/9:Make America Juicy Again NE IPA
Alternating Current Imperial Stout bourbon barrel aged with coffee and vanilla
Evil Twin Red IPA
Shallow Grave Robust Porter

Saturday 9/9:Agony Fruit Sour
Tartuffe Berliner Weisse
Evil Cousin Double IPA
Chocolate Hazelnut Porter Specialty Beer
Fave ninja turtle: Michelangelo

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