Sour power to the people

18 Aug 2016

Sour power Pump Clip-01

Two years ago we had some very special buddies visiting us here at Beavertown –  Arizona Wilderness from… well Arizona and some guys from a small relatively unknown brewery in Copenhagen called Mikkeller. The resulting beer was as mad as you can imagine, a mixed fermentation farmhouse red, jammed full of juicy cherries and tart red currants, called “Sour Power” – because it’s sour and has loads of power and it rhymes.

Combining the power of three of the strongest beer personalities in the business there was only way the brew could go – messy (and delicious of course)

In October 2014 half of the batch was released fresh and half was poured into French oak Red Burgundy barrels where we pitched the wild yeast strain Brettanomyces Lambicus. It was then tucked up and left to sleep

Wine barrel

In January of this year it was time for the beer to be gently woken up and bottled with plenty of time for some bottle maturation before being released at our Tempus Project event this August.

We are officially releasing the bottles on Saturday 20th of August, the same place the beer was brewed, here at Beavertown.


Brewing is serious business. Very serious. So serious it sends people crazy, crazy and desperate to immerse themselves in the brewing process and find new creative things to do with brewing ingredients. An alternative way to use the hops was invented in the brewing process and obviously no one chickened out. (Note: The hops are very, very cold

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