Richard Turner X Logan Plant

30 Jun 2017

On the 29th of June we released a very special collab with a very special event.

With a proper cook out outside our brewery, Hawksmoor executive chef and butcher Richard Turner fed a happy crowd of people with Angus ribeye to celebrate the launch of our Spiced IPA collab Canned Rations!


The inspiration for Canned Rations came from Logan & Richard pouring over Richard’s new beef book, PRIME. In it was a recipe derived from the British Army’s ration pack curry, (a bastardised form of Indian cuisine tailored for delicate British palates). The idea for Canned Rations was born. A straight up trad British IPA malt bill, twisted up with Citra hops and infused with an array of Indian spices evocative of that most British of dishes. The curry. 

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