Quelle is back, now as its true farmhouse self

28 Jun 2016

Quelle pump clip

It hasn’t been an easy summer. Looking out at overcast skies, it’s barely been summer at all. Your disposable barbecues gather dust. Every day brings a new topical topic which you colleagues will share their dubious views on. But it can still be summer in your heart, because you have your summer beer. You have Beavertown’s “Quelle, Dry-Hopped Saison”.

What’s this? “Quelle, Farmhouse Pale” ? Where is my “Quelle, Dry-Hopped Saison”? Well, allow us to explain.

Back in the early, heady, hoppy days of Beavertown, there was Smog Rocket and 8 Ball, and they were good. The Logan said, ‘let there be light!’, and a quest to find a light, crisp, hoppy offering to join 8 Ball, Smog Rocket, began. While one experiment became the Neck Oil we all know and love, and even lighter, summerier option emerged.

A pale ale, with saison yeast, to it give it a sharp, refreshing backbone, not quite like anything else in the Beavertown repertoire. In time, as we’ve honed our brews and techniques, the massive dry-hopping we put it through has brought the “pale” characteristics in line with the Saison aroma and dry finish, so in hindsight, “Farmhouse Pale,” is what Quelle should have been all along.

The slight tartness and dryness presented by the seasonal French yeast holds the bitter smack of hops in the balance perfectly for this time of year, and pairs well with not playing ukulele in the park. Nobody wants to hear you play ukulele in the park. No one.

So there you have it. No recipe change, just a good old-fashioned rebrand to bring it in line with how we feel about in our hearts. Your same, refreshing Quelle, now in Farmhouse Pale packaging. Enjoy!

Quelle stack
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