Production Brewer


This role will report into the Senior Brewer. This role will involve working within the brewing and cellaring team to ensure the production of wort, its fermentation and conditioning is in line with quality control and production targets. Whilst maintaining high standards of cleanliness throughout the brewery at all times.

The successful candidate will have a thorough understanding of the brewing process, equipment and techniques. Responsible for ensuring all the equipment is maintained and in full working order.


  • Carry out daily brewhouse and cellaring duties.
  • Arrange for all raw materials and supplies to be readily available to facilitate work.
  • Plan dry hops, beer transfers, centrifuge and beer conditioning.
  • Monitor fermentation, take gravities and adjust temperature to ensure fermentation profiles are adhered to.
  • Ensure beer is in specification for packaging dates.
  • Perform yeast counts and cropping.
  • Carry out Vessel Cleans.
  • Operate the HopNik.
  • Operate the Centrifuge.
  • Measuring tank CO2s/DOs
  • Maintain accurate records and enter all relevant data into Brewman and Tanknet.
  • Assist the Senior and Lead Brewer in project work where needed.


  • We are looking for someone who 2 years’ experience in the beer industry.
  • Used to working flexibly to achieve business goals and keen to make improvements.
  • Ability to work well in a team.
  • Positive and committed attitude.
  • IBD General Certificate in Brewing, Brewing MSc, Food Science or Chemical Engineering degree or equivalent.


Please send your CV to