Other Half Brewing collaboration

21 Jan 2016


It was a pleasure to have Sam, Andrew and Matt up to Beaver Towers for some fun on the big Beaver kit. Other Half Brewing have kicked up a storm in US over the past year or so since they began. They were the first brewery to open in Brooklyn for 9 years when they started in 2014. These guys have a love hops. They particularly specialise in straight up beautiful IPA’s but also push forward a great wood programme using wine barrels, bacteria and wild yeasts. With our love for all things green and resinous and our recently conceived barrel programme we decided to put our heads together and produce two brews on the day. First, we considered how we might strike an IPA and a barrel fermented wild ale from the same wort. We aimed to produce a straight up 6.5 – 7% IPA showcasing Enigma, Mosaic and Equinox hops. A portion of the wort, prior to hopping, was also run into 12 freshly racked Bordeaux red barrels where Lactobacillus Brevis and Brett Claussenii were pitched to produce the ‘funky’ brother of the pair.

The barrels are bubbling away joyously and the IPA is ripping through its fermentation. Watch out for both. The IPA will be out within the next 4 weeks and the wild ale, released when ready. We’ll keep you posted.


Keep drinking great beer!

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