Nick Dwyer on the creation of Nanobot

1 May 2020

Want to know what makes our Creative Director tick? We grabbed Nick Dwyer for a chat about creating the Nanobot artwork and the process behind designing a beer label.

So Nick, what’s a Nanobot?

A lil’ bot who repairs everything.

Is there a story between the core beers, and how does Nanobot fit into that?

Yes! Kind of. Whenever someone asks if there is one, but also tells me what they think it is; if it’s really good I steal it. Double whammy win. Just kidding. But here in the Nanobot timeline we are post Lupuloid / Gamma Ray battle and the Nanobots are on cleanup duty. They can be any size so the really tiny ones are bringing the wounded back to life and the bigger ones are rebuilding things.

What was your inspiration behind the artwork?

The “Fallout” video games, Futurama (as always), and Star Wars (again…) played a huge part in this. Robots without rules. I also just really like drawing wavy things and having the spider-like arms was a delight.

How much does a beer’s style and tasting notes affect what you create for the artwork?

Massively. The only way I think it really works is if we go Beer – Name – Art. Everything having a reason and certainty before I’m let loose on it. It also makes it easier to stick to the story and keep all the beers in the same universe.

As Nanobot is part of the core range, does that affect how long the design process takes or is it about the same as a one-off release?

It should go without saying that more people need to look at it as it’s something people will see more than once on the shelves. With labelled cans the volumes at much lower and you can be what I would call ‘sillier’ but with a core range can you have to put yourself in the mind of someone who you hope is always going to enjoy seeing the art and find new things in it every time they pick it up.

Do you have a different design process for core beers and one-off specials?

No, but I do feel a bit more freedom with one offs. I actively work to not have the names be throw away or puns so I can do something I think is a little more impactful and memorable but some slip through, ha.

What was your favourite part of the Nanobot development process?

Working out what the main “bot” would look like and the other little guys in the scene. Each one has a nice story but it’s cool when people make up their own.

Want to know more about Nanobot? Check out our beer page.

Nanobot is available to buy on our webshop here.

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