The Neck Oil Hunt!

21 Apr 2017

In case you have missed it, we have done a make over on our Neck Oil cans – Read all about it and watch the video here
To celebrate the release of this new can design we have set up…wait for it…*drum roll* #TheNeckOilHunt ! We have planted 10 cases of brand new Neck Oil cans at 10 of Team Beaver’s favourite locals all over London. Want to be one of THE FIRST people in the entire world to get your hands on a brand new can? Well here’s how you do it. Time to get those brain cells going! Throughout Saturday (22.04) we will release riddles on our twitter and via push notifications on our app (haven’t downloaded it yet? Go here)
Each secret place (pub, bar or bottle shop) has their own fiendishly difficult riddle. If you figure out where it is, go there, say the secret password and claim your can.

Easy peasy, our necks are squeaky.
Team Beaver

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