The Modern Beer Portfolio

23 Oct 2017

The second chapter of the #BEAVEREX17 + Good Beer Hunting Symposium!
The modern beer portfolio – balancing a core range vs consumer demand for special releases

Host:Matt Curtis
Guest Speakers: Darron Anley (Siren), Cosmo Sutherland (Beavertown), Evin O’Riordain (The Kernel)

In the age of FoMO, beer consumers are increasingly demanding special releases, often giving the greatest plaudits to the breweries producing the smallest batches of beer. Yet the breweries that are growing comfortably are doing so on the back of a solid and dependable core range of beers. Some brewers (Eg London’s The Kernel) have eschewed a core range altogether. How does a brewery maintain a balanced portfolio of beers that caters for all consumers?


This is part of our new blog initiative #BEAVERTOWNACADEMY where we will focus on knowledge sharing, beer geekery and thoughts about everything beer.

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