Adam Beedham
Production Brewer

Adam Gregory
Finance Director

Voted the “best”

Alex Bartlett
Assistant Management Accountant

Judge Rinder in the corner

Alex Enotiades
Production Brewer

Get money. Get PAID

Andy Berry
National Account Manager – Heineken

Husband to Mary. Married in a private ceremony conducted by Paul Hollywood.

Antonio Sassi
Production brewer

In English his name means Tony Stones, in Italian it means “Touch me like builder touches his favourite hammer”

Archie Samengo-Turner
Business Development Manager – Thames Valley

Called Archie. Born in Windsor. Also a prince.

Balazs Koszo
Warehouse Analyst

Zim Zimma
Who got de keys to my Citroen Relay

Ben Taylor
Packaging Operator

Grade 3 on the Bassoon

Ben Watson
Sensory Lead

Voted “best glasses” 2017
Voted “best glass eye” 2012

Ben White
Brand Ambassador

Looks like a finger, feels like a thumb

Caledon “Cal” Wickham
Production Brewer

Who ya gonna cal??? Hopefully Cal, he misses you.

Candice Cooke
Social Media & PR Assistant

Probably on the phone somewhere..

Carlos Garrido
Junior Packaging Operator

I have three hobbies, Coffee, Bicycles and Beers.
I drink coffee to cycle and I drink beer to recover.

Carrie Proctor
National Account Manager – IFT

Beer, Pizza, Cats, Repeat…

Charlotte Freeston
Senior Brewer

The first person to successfully cross a cow with a pineapple.

Chris Lewington
Lead Brewer

Is the reason Claudio Ragnieri wasn’t invited to Jamie Vardy’s party

Cian O’Connor
Lab Manager

He puts the CIAN in SCIANCE!

Conor Maynes
Supply Chain Coordinator

Take 1 bag of pickled onion Monster Munch. Smash up. Sprinkle over chips. Eat. Cry alone.

Daniel Troy
Warehouse Assistant

I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually, it’s more of a wrap.

Darren Hamilton
Warehouse Coordinator

They call me Hamilton. Darren Hamilton

Davide Callegari
Junior Brewer

Pronounced CALL GARY

Denise Martin
Head of Finance

How now brown cow?

Dennis Raistrick
Distributor Account Manager – Midlands

Founder – G Unit fan club & message board. West Midlands division. 1999 – Present.

Dominic Lorberg
Production Brewer

Hello cheeky.

Ella Beedham
Webshop & POS Assistant

Fudge off, Molly

Ellen Burrow
Sales Support Coordinator

Fish and chips.

Eoghan McGuire
Packaging Manager

Once ate Colin Farrell’s garibaldi biscuits by mistake.

Eric Smith

Too Fast, Too Furious

Ersi Emmanouilidou
Production Brewer

Πανκ ιζ νοτ ντεντ!

Florence Saxer
People Assistant

Won Antipodean female mime artist of the year 2016. Signature move, pushing a stubborn elephant.


Frances Michael
Learning & Development Advisor

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Francesco Lo Bue
Production Brewer

Signed for Paceco 1976 in Jan 2019 for £90

Francesca Cubeddu
Lab Technician

Eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti

Gabor Csete
Warehouse Analyst

Could be better… Could be worse!

George Colbourn
Packaging Operator

I like to pack it pack it

Georgia Gallant
External Comms & PR Manager

Can mostly be found posting definitions on Urban Dictionary under multiple aliases

Also modest.

Horacio Colombo
Lead Brewer

I want to adopt a cat and my favourite colour is purple. I can give the cat a good home

Hugh O’Neill
Senior Brewer

Friend first, brewer second probably entertainer third

Jack Harlow
Packing Operator

Confucious say – Man who make mistake on elevator, wrong on many levels.

Jack Knight
Planning Manager

Hugo Lloris’ stunt double

Jacob Davies
Head of Engineering

First aired May 25th 1992. 

James Pugh
Production Brewer

The H is silent.

Joe Byrne
Assistant Management Accountant

The 3rd member of the Bushwackers – never made it to WWF glory

Joe Warley
Warehouse & Distribution Manager

My neck
My back
My drivers are all on track

Jose Gutierrez
Microbiology Lab Technician

Lost his shoes in a tragic PH testing accident

Lee Vilinksy
Production Planning Manager

Q: What’s the difference between the Greyhound depot in Mobile, Alabama and a lobster with breast implants? A: One is a crusty bus station, the other is a busty crustacean

Logan Plant
Owner and Founder

Least awkward on camera: 2014 winner, 2012 Runner up.

Louis Denney
Business Development Manager – London

Guilty pleasure. Anthea Turner.

Mac DeBarko
Branch Manager & Therapy Dog


Marek Mateyeck
Senior Packaging Operator

There will be time to rest yet.

Marius Matulevicius
Production Brewer

Clocked that Google T-Rex game

Mark Widegger
Production Brewer

When you are the moon, the best form you can be is a full moon

Matt Gilbert
Junior Brewer

Even a VIP needs to VIPoo

Meghan Waites
Events & Media Programming Manager

Don’t put all your Megs in one basket

Melissa Green
AR Finance Assistant

Only 2 things are certain in life. Quantum mechanics and her horoscope

Melissa Nel
Sales Support Team Leader

Like a Bat Out of Mel

Miquel Domenech
Junior Lab Technician

Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got here? Miquel doesn’t. He got the bus.

Naoise Conwell
Junior Brewer

Nonie coleslaw

Natalie Smith-Marshall
Financial Analysis Manager

Favourite Dinosaur: T.Rex
Favourite T.Rex: Marc Bolan

Nathan Hartill
Production Brewer

Prefers wine

Neil Saul
Key Account Manager – Distribution South

Wolverines claws are made from Neils jawline

Nick Dwyer
Creative Director

Discovered celery.

Nicole Simpson
People Advisor

Used to do adverts for Renault with her Dad

Nikola Marjanovic
Head of Brewery Ops & Expansion

Began a career in brewing after the jobs as Martin Short’s stunt double dried up. We loved his work in The Three Amigos.

Olu Taiwo
Warehouse Assistant

Beavertown’s Next Top Model

Paul Smith
IT Project Manager

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Robbie Judkins
Packaging Operator

Jobbie Rudkins

Sam Millard
Brand Manager

Dame Judi Dench in disguise, I’m sure of it.

Scott Miller
National Account Manager – Off-Trade

A rotisserie chicken a day keeps the doctor away.

Simeon Stoyanov
Graduate Commercial Analyst

Excels at spreadsheets

Simon Durowoju
Compliance Coordinator

10x more durable than your normal woju.

Simon Hamilton
Distribution Account Manager – North

Lately, I don’t really wanna know, how your garden grows, cos I’m not bloody Alan Titchmarsh – alright sunshine?!

Stavros Ladas
Brewery Maintenance Engineer

Stavros Ladas. Seriously, there’s no point writing a caption for this, the name alone is too good. Stavros Ladas. Name perfection attained.

Tala Oodit
Head of People

Warning, objects in the rearview mirror may be more photoshopped than they appear.

Tim Hillgarth
Export Manager

Darling I could murder a slice of Lemon Drizzle cake.

Timothy O’Connor
Junior Brewer

More issues than Beavertown Transmission.

Tom Harrison
AP Finance Assistant

Trisha Moron

Tom Layland
Microbiology Lab Technician

Insert witty comment here

Tom Preston
Packaging Supervisor

Never leave home without your tin foil hat

Tom Rainsford
Marketing Director

Sold spare parts for vacuum cleaners door to door in Bavaria until a chance meeting in 1999 with Pope Benedict XVI convinced him to quit his job and follow his lifelong dream of becoming professional Phantom – available at short notice for all your haunting needs.

Tom Warner
National Account Manager (On-Trade)

Pork AND Spam.

Val Nobile
Junior Packaging Operator


Vanessa Hernandez
PA and Office Manager

Panda, Panda
Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda
I get my office supplies from Atlanta