Joana Moreira
Compliance Manager

Life is 10% what happens to you, 70% how you react to it and 20% luck

Alex Zalepa
South East London Account Manager

Sim salabim,Wingardium Leviosa, Apelaz Xela!

Ella Beedham
Web-shop assistant

Fudge off, Molly

Gabor Csete
Warehouse assistant

please don’t leave it on the floor

Marc Taylor
Account manager

“Has attended every beer event in London since 2014. Official record holder” 

4 stars 

Time Out 

Scott Miller
National Account Manager

He’Scott it all

Tom Warner
UK & Ireland Market Manager

I Warner you once I won’t Warner you twice

Denise Martin
Financial Controller

My rooster’s dead

Nicole Simpson
HR Coordinator

Used to do adverts for Renault with her Dad

Marius Matulevicius
Packaging team member

Clocked that Google T-Rex game

Felix Wood
Packaging team member

Wouldn’t he?

Adam Beedham
Packaging team member

Robbie Judkins
Packaging team member

Jobbie Rudkins

Aidan Finden
Packaging team member

This tweet is unavailable

Brendan Williamson
Junior Brewer

Well I suppose its better than William Brendanson.

Cosmo Sutherland
Lead brewer

Real name: Douglas Everyman. A brewer made up of 100% lead.

Jose Gutierrez
Lab assistant

Lost his shoes in a tragic PH testing accident

Jonathan Park
Production brewer

pretty pleased when cherries are on top

Daniel Benson
Production brewer

Known to his friends as Bon Jon Hovis.

Charlotte Freeston
Junior brewer

The first person to successfully cross a cow with a pineapple.

Chris Lewington
Production brewer

Is the reason Claudio Ragnieri wasn’t invited to Jamie Vardy’s party

Antonio Sassi
Production brewer

In English his name means Tony Stones, in Italian it means “Touch me like builder touches his favourite hammer”

Nikola Marjanovic
Head of Brewery Ops & Expansion

Began a career in brewing after the jobs as Martin Short’s stunt double dried up. We loved his work in The Three Amigos.

Ben Watson
Junior Brewer

Voted “best glasses” 2017
Voted “best glass eye” 2012

Ben White
Account manager

Looks like a finger, feels like a thumb

Logan Plant
Owner and Founder

Least awkward on camera: 2014 winner, 2012 Runner up.

Arthur Wills
Warehouse Assistant

Picks orders, lifts pallets, scares children

Joe Warley

My neck
My back
My drivers are all on track

Adam Gregory
Finance Director

Voted the “best”

Molly Austin
Merchandising Coordinator

They see me I be merch merch merch merch merch

Lauren Lister
Head of Sales and Marketing

Once pushed a train out of the path of an oncoming baby.

Vanessa Hernandez
PA and Office Manager

Panda, Panda
Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda
I get my office supplies from Atlanta

Craig Dillon
Packaging Supervisor

Laughs in the face of laughing.

Jacob Davies
Head of Packaging & Maintenance

First aired May 25th 1992. 

Tom Jones
Planning & Projects Manager

Welsh. Not kidding.

Cian O’Connor
Lab Technician

He puts the CIAN in SCIANCE!

Alex Woods
Production Brewer

Make America Great Britain Again

Neil Saul
Account Manager

Wolverines claws are made from Neils jawline

Brett Moore
Production Brewer

Was once voted “most”

Eoghan McGuire
Packaging Manager

Once ate Colin Farrell’s garibaldi biscuits by mistake.

Caledon “Cal” Wickham
Junior Brewer

Who ya gonna cal??? Hopefully Cal, he misses you.

Lidia De Petris
Brewing Manager

WWE Heavyweight champion 2018. “The peoples elbow” wrestling move was stolen from her by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Mark Walewski
Production Brewer

I wouldn’t if I were you.

Kamilla Hannibal
Media & Content Manager

Not actually Danish. Accent a result of head trauma.

Nick Dwyer
Creative Director

Discovered celery.

Tala Oodit
Head of HR

Warning, objects in the rearview mirror may be more photoshopped than they appear.

Sam Millard
Brand & Communication manager

Dame Judi Dench in disguise, I’m sure of it.

Valeria De Petris
Production Brewer

The only living person to have been told what Meatloaf would NOT do for love.

Jonnie Wesson
Sales Operations Manager

Favourite Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Episode: “The M Word”

Favourite Housewife: Yolanda

Paul Keller
Warehouse Manager

Tweedle Dee.

Phil Shaw
Warehouse Operative

Acid house became flesh and walked amongst us.

Jonathan Hamilton
Head of Tempus

Nothing compares to you, except Simpsonswave. That stuff is whack. (Look it up)