A look at The Beavertown Extravaganza

22 Sep 2017

Blimey. That was a bit good wasn’t it!
We’re talking of course about The Beavertown Extravaganza, which in its inaugural year surpassed our own expectations and made all the hard work over the last 12 months feel very worthwhile indeed. When we started the planning, we decided to challenge ourselves to produce something that the UK, hopefully Europe and if we were lucky, the World hadn’t quite seen the like of in a beer festival before. Some would say that is a big ask. We’d agree. We were nothing if not ambitious, and as it turned out slightly wet behind the ears to just how much planning needed to be done. Basically WAY more than we thought!


Video by Sonny Malhotra – DON’T miss Logan’s crowdsurfing at the end

12 months later, the week arrived, the adrenaline kicked in and the time for planning was done. We had the beer, we’d checked in the brewers, we knew where everything needed to go, now we just needed to get it done. Beavertown decamped to Printworks and began furiously hanging banners, rigging lights, building bars, moving busses, setting up DJ booths, getting beer arranged in cold storage and loads of other things besides, but by the end of Thursday we were ready to go.

Brewer’s welcome party at Duke’s on the Thursday (Summed up in gifs)

On Friday we welcomed the Skullunteers, our army of volunteers who made so much of the Beavertown Extravaganza possible – not least getting the beer from the kegs to the glass so you could put it in your faces! They were simply brilliant for the two days, resplendent in tie dye.

Next came the brewers, our heroes, checking out the set-up, hooking up their kegs and getting their bars all ready. Without them too this fest would have been nothing. Their creativity, faith in what we were attempting and generosity in sending so many rare beers, more proof that this industry we are in is one of a kind and we are really fortunate to have so many great friends.

At 1pm we started letting drinkers in through the gates. The bars wouldn’t open until 3, but we wanted people to be able to get a beer as soon as those taps were pouring, and besides, there was an epic food village, curated by KERB to get people fed and ready for beer.

At 3pm those bars started pouring and we never looked back. People flooded through into the halls glass in hand and the session began. The line-up of beers was insane, people didn’t know where to go first. We’d love to give you our highlights but seriously there we’re way too many amazing beers to list.

The talks curated by Good Beer Hunting gave people a chance to escape the madness of the beer hall and absorb themselves in some excellently put together content and insight and the gallery offered a chance for quiet reflection, and the hits of insanity provided by The Mariachis and The Bavarian Strollers during the sessions further enhanced the mad, fun vibe we wanted to create.

The Saturday offered more of the same, with slightly more chill from Team Beaver that came from having already done it once the day before and when the festival was finally done at 8pm it was with a mixture of relief that we pulled it off, elation at how well it went, and sadness that it was over.

Over until 2018 that is!

So what do you say? We’re ready for round 2. Are you?

Photos by Jonathan Fisher
Video & gifs by Sonny Malhotra

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