A little help from our friends

24 May 2017


You know the things you hear about how breweries are actually friends? Well we can tell you it’s all true.

As we experience those sweet, sweet growing pains that come with success and expansion we have often found ourselves running out of beer. You drink it all and we love you for it, but we sure do hate to disappoint the thirsty masses.

Luckily for us, we have amazing friends just 10 miles up the road, Redchurch!

Redchurch started in 2011 and has an impressive core range, with a talented and creative crew. Their taproom is a true hub for beer lovers, and we are grateful to have comrades like the Redchurch team.

As our friends at Redchurch have recently moved into big new premises, they have a bit of free space so we’ve come up with a plan – 5 new shiny fermenters will be installed at Redchurch and once they’re up and running our brewers will be brewing a load of extra Neck Oil into them, alongside the Redchurch crew. Their impressive kit just happens to be the exact same brew kit as ours! And yes, we promise, we will use the same recipe as the one we brew here in Tottenham.

So to sum it up: Same type of kit, our brewers, same recipe but at Redchurch.

We are Beavertown and we are an independent brewery. Our goal is to build a larger brewing facility but until then, some help from our friends are all we need.

Yours truly

Team Beaver

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