10 May 2017


We are super excited to announce that we are now using Kegstar as our steel keg supplier full time and already have put out 6000 Kegstar kegs to the trade.

Launched in Australia & New Zealand in 2012, and arriving in the UK in 2016, Kegstar have grown independently on their own terms. That holds its own appeal for us here at Beavertown, as it reflects our values and beliefs.

This new partnership is a natural next step in our growth. One of the great yet unglamorous challenges facing breweries and bars is the costly and time consuming retrieval, maintenance and cleaning of kegs in a timely fashion. Working with Kegstar will benefit Beavertown’s packaging and logistics teams and, most importantly, the customer. We will be providing a better service for our accounts and create more time for ourselves to brew and package beer. The kegs will still get to the customer in the same way as always but Kegstar will pick up the steel kegs within 48 hours once the bars are done with them, then clean them before returning them to the brewery. This means less hassle arranging pick up for accounts as well as giving us more time focus on our production.

Beer is what we make and love and it is therefore crucial that our beloved drops travel in the best way possible. Kegstar are the best partners to ensure that this is what happens. No changes to the size or the cost of the kegs and definitely no changes to the beer in the taps, but all the benefits to the Beavers & bars behind the scenes!

“At Beavertown we are really happy to be working with Kegstar. The service they offer is going to be key to our growth over the next few years. Our keg population is a logistical mission to keep in order at present and a major Cap Ex investment. We believe Kegstar offers an affordable way to grow our keg distribution safely and informatively. It will allow us to track where our beers are going and also work closely with our accounts to help them manage our beers and serve them as fresh as possible!”

Logan Plant, founder and owner of Beavertown brewery

“To be working closely with Logan, the Beavertown team and their amazing brands on a big growth agenda is a huge vote of confidence in what we do. We’re only a year old in Europe and we’ve made huge progress since launch with many terrific customers and venues so far and this is a huge step forward again. We set out to help remove some of the complexity and cost of brewers owning and managing their own keg and cask fleet so they can focus on making great beers and growing, the Beavertown guys really see the value in what we’re doing and we sure love what they do!”

Christian Barden, MD Kegstar

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