Collaboration with Jameson

23 Nov 2015

This mighty collaboration came about through a mutual admiration and shared ethos; consistently brewing with conviction and innovation. “Sine metu,” or “without fear” reads the motto on every Jameson bottle, a creed that resonates with Beavertown’s own ideology, and one that definitely comes into play in the creation of this bold, ballsy, limited-edition imperial stout aged in Jameson whiskey barrels.

The name was inspired by ‘Ger’, the fifth generation master cooper at the Jameson distillery, a perfect example of passion and pride. ‘Ger’onimo!’ Is also the unofficial cry of paratroopers, used to express fearlessness or bravery as they leap, as one, to their designated destination. The similar practices of Jameson and Beavertown make for an ideal collaboration; a marriage of craft and flavours.

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