Jack is Back

18 Oct 2015

Jack is back! With a varying degree of vengeance… depending on whether or not you pronounce it right. Stin-GEE.


This years Spiced Pumpkin Ale offering comes to you in the shape of 330ml cans, and of course kegs for pub fireside sipping as it gets colder… which is apparently supposed to happen after this “Indian Summer” that brings this years sunshine to a dramatic, clattering end. I for one am a little depressed as it’s convincingly like the first days of this fantastic summer just gone.. but that’s by the by.


As you hopefully know by now, we went into canning in the first place in the name of freshness and stability, but it also makes these beers the perfect companion to Halloween / Bonfire Night / Ex-Pat Thanksgiving parties. And with an all-new packaging comes an all-new design; quite the departure from the old one, it sees the label pulled more in line with the rest of its brothers in terms of typography and layout, not to mention the on-going space theme surrounding our smaller batches of canned beer. The slightly more wordy (Pretentious? Moi?) explanation is us still looking to push our beers to stratospheric quality in every way, by the techniques we implement and the ingredients we use.


Speaking of which it’s quite the list: This years batch contains (deep breath) flaked oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pimento, crystallised ginger, Demerara sugar, cardamom, and of course roasted pumpkin.


But who is Stingy Jack? Well as with a lot of our ideas, this one came to Logan by way of an old folk tale:

Stingy was a miserable old drunk who loved playing tricks on everyone. One Halloween night, Jack ran into the Devil himself in a local pub. Jack tricked the Devil into buying him one last drink in exchange for his soul. The Devil turned himself into a six pence to pay the bar tender but Jack snatched the coin and put it in his pocket next to a silver crucifix, trapping the Devil. Jack refused to let the Devil go unless he promised not to take his soul for another 10 years. The Devil agreed and Jack let him go.

Ten years later the Devil found Jack on a country road, he had come back to collect what he was due. Jack thought quickly “OK, but before you take my soul can you get me one last apple from that tree?” The Devil saw no harm in this and jumped into the tree to get the apple. Straight away Jack drew a crucifix on the tree trapping the Devil again. This time, Jack made the Devil promise he would never take his soul when he passed away. The Devil had no option but to agree.

Stingy Jack eventually died and went to the Gates of Heaven. God would not let him enter as he was a deceitful, tight-fisted old drunk. Jack went to the bowls of Hell. The Devil kept his word and would not let him enter either. He sent Jack back out in to the darkness giving him a burning ember from the fires of hell to light his way. The burning rock was too hot for Jack to carry so he hollowed out an old pumpkin and placed the ember inside. He walked off into the dark abyss with the glowing pumpkin lighting his way and was never seen again….

So with those cosy Autumn nights (somewhere?) close, grab a few Stingy Jack’s and get the fire started.

(If you are interested / can’t remember here is last years artwork.)

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