International Rainbow Project #4 – Saturday 17th September – Beavertown Brewery

27 Sep 2016


The modest beginnings of the yearly Rainbow Project are rooted in a Saturday in 2013, hosted at the William IV in Leyton. 7 UK breweries were assigned colours at random, and then tasked with brewing IPAs influenced in some way by that color – whether it be ingredients, technique or anything the illustrious brewers could come up with. These beers were then put on the bar, and the attendees could vote which was their favorite.

Fast forward to 2016, and since then 7 UK breweries have been paired up with European, USA, and now Kiwi brewers and tasked with the same – culminating in a few events across the country. This year, after garnering a little experience earlier in the year… .opted to sell tickets, 650 total, which were quickly snapped up by the thirsty public. This also meant that those that so wished were able to reserve their Rainbow case, thus solving the panic surrounding the limited supply of the magical packages containing bottles (and a can!) of  each of the ROYGBIV beers to sample / age at home. A post about the beer we made with Parrotdog can be found here .  Essentially, after much debate, we landed on brewing an “Adambier,” our twist on a historic Dortmund recipe; started with traditional German malts, a touch of Scottish peat smoke, golden naked oats for a creamy body, and then finished with loads of Molasses and brown sugar, aged in Marsala barrels. We had some incredible beers shipped (and planed) over from each of the breweries alongside the Rainbow beers


This years bash was an absolute dream! Sam Millard, our captain of all things party, had the inspired idea of a Holi Festival inspired tent, kitted out with rainbow coloured powder, a protected DJ booth, and enough space to decorate your favourite friend with all the colours of… well.. the rainbow. I’m sure you can imagine the fun that was had, but fortunately you don’t have to as the results can be seen below in full Technicolor glory. Isn’t technology wonderful? And only one gunged up phone! Sorry Kamilla…..

A bit of a love note to the ticketing system here.. We were able to use an app that made getting people in and kitted up with a glass and wristband a total dream. In fact, our spies didn’t spot a queue all day, meaning the whole day could be all about the beer – exactly the way it should be – without having to worry about scheduling your place in a lineup / planning your exit strategy.

Another love note to our brewery DJs + Tim Traynor of Founders Brewery fame! Some serious 90s bangers were played and some serious shapes made.

Roll on next year for more paired up procuration of colourful concoctions!



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