Humuloid, the natural extension of Lupuloid

25 May 2017

The invasion went on for months before started to make a dent in their forces, but by then it was almost too late. Those who remained, on the front line at least, were exhausted. Our dwindling forces were on the verge of mutiny, seeing the futility of their situation. Undernourished and sleep deprived, radio operators, deep within caves, pleaded with control stations for support, ammunition, ration packs, anything to keep their soldiers motivated in the face of the Lupuloid threat.

On a day in late May they got their support, and then some. Loud booming steps were heard in the distance. Cold, colourful metal appeared over the horizon and hilltops, dwarfing the tiny operator accompanying it. Laser beams shot over the heads of the entrenched soldiers, followed by the mechanical menaces themselves, spinning, diamond tipped saws protruding from their swinging arms as they charged down the hop monsters. Emotionless, they tear unrelenting into the green behemoths. Although no one was really sure where their face would be, the fear was palpable. These robots had been built with meticulous precision, with the exact purpose of eradicating the Lupuloids, and wry smiles spread across operator and soldiers face alike as their effectiveness became apparent.

The playing field had been levelled. Enter Humuloid.

Humuloid, the natural extension of Lupuloid, is a double IPA with plenty of wheat and oats for a rich body, and fermented with Vermont yeast to lend it some fruitiness. Low bitterness in the boil, but then dry hopped with 18 g/l of Citra and Azacca for huge hoppy aromatics balancing out the sweetness of the finishing gravity.It pours as cloudy apple juice, a real murk bomb, with the ripe tropical aromas blasting away your nose hairs. Typical of New England stlye IPAs and DIPAs it has a soft, rich mouthfeel, mild bitterness, with pithy papaya flavours striding through.

Available in our Taproom, Webshop and at Duke's Saturday 27th of May!

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