Hackney Wick (Hand Bottling!)

15 Nov 2012

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We rip the brew house out of the kitchen at Duke’s and drive it over to our new home: Unit 4, Stour Road, Hackney Wick which gives us 2500sqft – four times the size of the lock up. Six of us spend a solid week preparing the unit for the new arrival – digging channels, upgrading plumbing and electrics, grinding the floor and painting the walls. We keep production going and add a further two 5 BBL FVs. We now have six which means three brews a week. Duke’s finances more FV’s and brewing eventually ramps up to a capacity of 8 times per week. A crew of 4 solid Beavers manually hand bottled every day, 8 hours a day using a 4 head gravity filler and a priming tank. The bottles were hand labeled and left to rest until perfect carbonation was attained.

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