Further collabs, development, growth

17 Oct 2015

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Brewers from all over the craft beer globe are joining forces to brew together, to experiment and push the craft and beer evolution forward. The passing of knowledge, procedures, systems, techniques all bodes for great beer now being brewed all over the globe. We reach capacity on site in Tottenham Hale with 24 x 60BBL tanks and a new canning line recently installed. Team Beaver has grown from the 9 that moved from Hackney Wick to over 40. A new Tap room holding 200 people is to be completed by the end of January 2016 and we have recently set up our in-house distribution into London to maintain our beers are served as fresh as possible and are service is of the highest standard to our accounts. Our Tempus Barrel Program is now a year underway with some beautiful fledgling wild brews soon to be racked, bottled and released into the market. We will continue to push the horizons and breakdown walls, bringing you along for the ride into this great world of beer we are so lucky to all be joyously immersed in.

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