First brew at Redchurch

6 Oct 2017

So, on Wednesday we kicked off our first brew at Redchurch. It has been a while in the planning  and we did plenty of trials and checks to make sure that this first proper brew went just as it would here in Tottenham Hale.

With our malt & hops delivered earlier in the week Lead Brewer Cosmo headed up to Redchurch brewery for 7am to run the double Neck Oil brew.

After the first brew 6 samples we’re sent down to Beavertown for analysis in our lab to check the numbers. It makes for a very dull report but everything went 100% as it should with all specs, gravity, pH, clarity & IBU matching up to our targets across both brews.  

The beer is now safely fermenting down in tank but we will be heading back up periodically to check it’s progress  and make sure it’s still on track before we get to dry hopping!

As you can see from the pictures this batch of Neck Oil is looking just like any other so we’re looking forward to being able to get loads more of it out there for you to drink in the next month or so!


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