WITCHSTOCK 2017 at Bellwoods Brewery

30 Sep 2017

We LOVE Bellwoods. In an unhealthy way. The love initially spawned from Nick Dwyer desperately wishing he was Canadian. He isn’t yet but he might grow up to be. In the mean time he can just dream, and bug Canadian breweries to be his friends. Luckily for Beavertown this has paid off massively – they brought some of the standout beers of the whole festival to The Beavertown Extravaganza. We have literally lost days thinking about Milkshark.

Anyway, when they invited us over to Witchstock 2017 we couldn’t say no and Nick threatened to quit if he wasn’t on that plane, so the decision was made. Nick & Sam who both make candles in their spare time will be climbing into a tin can and get catapulted across the vast oceans to Toronto to serve up some Beaver goodness and pet some mooses. Sam even has a hat with those flappy ear things so we should blend right in.

WHEN: 30th Sept
WHERE: Bellwoods Brewery, Toronto, Canada, North America, The World
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Nick (the artist) & Sam (the dreamer)