Tempus Project Taproom – December 1st – Session Two – 5pm – 7pm

1 Dec 2018

We would like to invite you to join us for another session of The Tempus Project Taproom. We will host two sittings, one from 5pm-7pm and one from 2pm-4pm (please check the other event page for the 2pm sitting).

We have invested in a segregated ‘wild’ space away from our clean/sanitized brew house and fermentation, along with a dedicated Tempus Project brew team. Today the Tempus Project houses 450 barrels, a pair of Foeders and a couple of traditional terracotta amphora, all being utilised for their unique transformative properties.

Expect bespoke glassware, great beers, delicious cheese and an intimate setting with just 30 people per sitting. Upon arrival make your way to Unit 2, on the left as you enter the estate opposite our main taproom.

The  £7.50 entry fee includes your first pour, all other food and drink is to be purchased separately. Buy tickets HERE

Beer List TBC  . . . . .