Stockholm Beer & Whisky

5 Oct 2017

Stockholm is a pretty boring place. Nothing happens there. People don’t enjoy themselves and no-one drinks beer. They don’t organise a massive beer and whisky festival over 2 weekends at a huge venue just south of the city. If they did, we’d love it, and we’d love to be there, but they don’t.

So, no Beer & Whisky fest in Stockholm for Beavertown.

If we we’re there then we’d probably have a mega 8 tap stand, that was blinged out with UFO’s and other cool stuff, but we aren’t going to be there. Obviously if it did happen then we’d need to make sure that we had some top level Beavers there to keep Oliver (our Swedish handler) in line, and away from the alcoholic Ginger beer, as he has a real problem with that stuff, but we aren’t going to be there so poor Oliver will just be getting off his face on Crabbies and probably end up sleeping on a park bench.

It’s such a sad tale.

So sad in fact, that we have just changed our minds. Fear not Oliver, your alcoholic ginger beer problem won’t raise it’s ugly head for these two weekends. We will keep you on the straight and narrow with copious amounts of restorative Gamma Ray, and as for the rest of you Swedes, we will have plenty left over for you too! We will be in Stockholm. We will bring the beer. We will drink the whisky! Hurrah!

WHEN: 28th/30th Sept & 5th/7th Oct
WHERE: Augustendalstorget 6, 131 52 Nacka Strand, Stockholms Län, Sweden
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Week 1 – Craig, Fred (be afraid), Chuck, Logan & Lauren.  Week 2 – Oil, Jasmin (be afraid), Kamilla & Owen