Sour Solstice

25 Jun 2017

Blessed be to you Beaverfans!
Litha, Midsummer, Alban Heffyn, Summer Solstice – call it what you like, since the times of the ancients the longest day of the year has always been cause for celebration and here at Beavertown we love nothing more than to bow before Mother Nature and the divine gods and godesses of the universe, particularly because they have furnished us with all that we need, from the tiniest bacteria to the mighty oak tree, to brew some spectacular, complex, natural beers – beers as organic in their nature as life its self.

On Sunday 25th June (a few days after the Summer Solstice) Beavertown will be hosting a gathering to celebrate all things sour & wild in the world of beer. With 26 lines of everythig from straight Berlinner to mixed fermentation Farmhouse this will leave you puckered up and salivating until the sun finally sets.
Doors open at Midday when the sun is at it’s highest.
Children are welcome with a childrens ticket (can be purchased as an additional item to the All In ticket).

Beer list
Gueuzerie Tilquin
Wild Beer Co.
The Redchurch Brewery
Lindheim Ølkompani

Food traders on the day:
Grill My Cheese
Square Root London Soda bar
Event times: 12 noon – 6pm.
As always with Beavertown this is an ALL IN ticket. What does that mean – very simply it means that once you’re in, all of your beer is included. The additional Childrens tickets include 2 soft drinks from Square Root Soda. 
All pours are limited to 1/3 measures. No entry without a ticket.