Modern Times Carnival of Caffeination

11 Feb 2017

Brew buddies and all round good eggs – Modern Times – have invited us over to San Diego to revel in all things coffee & beer & coffee beer. We desperately wanted to go, cos let’s face it – who wouldn’t swap Tottenham for San Diego in February? Sadly though with our 5th Birthday on the horizon it’s nose to the grindstone at Beaver Towers. That, though, doesn’t mean our beer should miss out on a holiday! So we’re sending over Barrel Aged Spresso, and a new funky baby – Moonshiner, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Lemon Berliner Weisse infused with bitters. Basically we’ve sent coffee and a whisky sour which seems perfectly sophisticated.

It’s going to be an insanely great time! Here’s what the dudes at Modern Times are saying:

It’s the dawn of a new, caffeinated era as we bring you the beer & coffee laden extravaganza that is our 1st annual Carnival of Caffeination. February 11th, a meticulously selected cadre of incredibly bad-ass brewers and roasters will occupy our new warehouse & event space, The Fortress of Raditude, for a day of pure, liquid magnificence.

On hand will be a jaw-dropping arsenal of dark, coffee-centric, and barrel-aged beers alongside a king’s ransom of dazzling coffee-creations from some of the most boss-level roasters in the universe. Whether you’re a beer or coffee fan, prepare for a day of pure bliss. If you’re both, prepare for nirvanic levels of sensory pleasure.

If you’re in San Diego on the 11th Feb then Get tickets here