IndyMan Beer Con

6 Oct 2016

THIS IS BIG. Along with London Craft Beer Fest this is the beer party that we look forward to the most. 4 days of madness in the beautiful Victoria Baths in Manchester. The folk are great, the beers are great, the vibe is off the chain. Last year we mashed it up in Room 3. We’ll we’re skipping Room 2 and heading straight to dessert. I mean Room 1. We’re putting together a (pretty massive) bar & upscaling from our normal 6 tap bar to a 12 tap, cos… IndyMan.

We’ve got about 30 different beers to pour over the 4 days with some really limited brews making an appearance so come and see us. Oh and we’re bringing costumes and face painters FYI.

WHEN: 6th – 9th October
WHERE: Victoria Baths Manchester
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: 75% of all Beavertown staff.