Hey Prince Albert Camden – Throw Me A Bone!

25 Jan 2019

This Friday from 6:30pm at the Price Albert in Camden, stroll up to the bar, and get your hands on a Beavo for the same price as your usual pint (of beer – don’t be going and trying it for a lime and soda now). Then get on down to music from Loose Bootys DJ’s

Beavo, our brand new, dead good lager is a light, crisp, smashable, sessionable beer packed with lightly kilned pilsner malt, bright and floral noble German hops and fermented with a traditional German lager yeast. Its something we are so proud of we reckon it’ll knock the spots off any other lager out there, so now is your chance to give it a try without any buyers remorse!

Find The Prince Albert on our Beer Finder which has a clever little feature that also allows you to show all the pubs that are pouring Beavo!

The Prince Albert
163 Royal College St