22 Feb 2019

Join us at Hawksmoor, Guildhall to celebrate an evening of Beer & Food. Guildhall Head chef Phillip Branch and our Tempus Head Brewer Jonny Hamilton have worked alongside one another to create a menu of specific dishes that match perfectly with the latest range of Beavertown Tempus Project beers.

The evening will commence with a Beavertown twist on Hawksmoor’s famous Shakey Pete Ginger Brew, followed by a four course menu, each dish paired with one of our Tempus Project beers, in Guildhall’s private dining room.

Courses include; Roast spiced cauliflower, onions and IPA raisins, Crab and pork scratchings, bitter leaf salad with pickled apple and Slow roasted rump cap with tail and cheek suet pudding, finishing with a magnificent ‘Tirimistout’ coffee doughnut.

Throughout the evening representatives from Beavertown and Hawksmoor will take you through the elements of each course and its accompanying beer pairing, explaining the elements behind this incredible partnership of beer and food.