Gothenburg Beer & Whisky

25 Mar 2017

As if we’d turn down a beer festival in the home of Batman!? I mean, who is he? He’s Batman. Hopefully we will meet him cos he seems like a pretty cool guy, and even then if we only manage to bump into Bruce Wayne… what? What do you mean that’s not Gothenburg? Gotham City? I thought they we’re the same. Balls. Ok so it turns out we’re going somewhere called Gothenburg which is in Sweden. Ooh I like Sweden, ok this just got cool again. We’re heading there to man our own bar at the Beer & Whisky festival. We’ll have 6 taps of beauts pouring along with a couple of special limited brews, so come thirsty and friendly and we will give you a hug.

WHEN: 24th – 25th March
WHERE: Svenska Mässan, Göteborg
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Clare, Molly (Stone Cold), Kieran & Oil!