Common MCR bar takeover

6 Oct 2016

If you thought doing a MTB at Heaton Hops and a massive 4 dayer at IndyMan was enough to wear anyone out, think again. Us Beavers are a hardy bunch and we run on duracell batteries. So while we’ve got all the crazyness at IndyMan we’re also taking over Common, with 8 taps of glory pouring constantly. “Nice” I hear you say. Well let’s take it up a notch. How about if we also brought up some A0 & A1 artwork prints by Nick Dwyer, Beavertowns artist lauriet to adorn the walls. Heck, if you like one of them, for a few English Pounds you could even take one away! After all Common is famed for it’s art exhibitions as well as it’s excellent beer choices, so we had to make sure we ticked both boxes.

WHEN: 6th – 9th October (and possibly beyond)
WHERE: Common, 39 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Depends on when  you turn up. If you’re there after an IndyMan session the there will be a few Beavers around.