CBC Boston

22 Sep 2017

These guys know how to put on a festival. Obviously we taught them everything they know and they popped over to visit and pick up a few more tips a couple of weeks back, but they have done pretty well with it and they are taking on mega beer city Boston for the second year running, bringing a little bit of Hygge and Danish charm (…) to Massachusetts. We get to share the stage with a stellar line up of some of the best the beer world has to offer.

So as not to upset the Bostonites and their delicate sensibilities we chose not to send any English people, and saddled up 2 of our best Scots, Cosmo & Pete, with as much porridge and shortbread as they could carry and cast them off on their motorised bagpipes across the Atlantic ocean. They should reach land just in time to dry themselves off, toss their cabers, paint their faces in wode and get on into town to the SOWA power station show those Americans what beer is really about. Right? Am I right guys? Yeah!


WHEN: 22nd& 23rd Sept
WHERE: SOWA Power Station Boston
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Cosmo Sutherland (the Scottish one who isn’t very Scottish and is a bit more like Hugh Grant before Divine Brown) & Pete (the Scottish one who is VERY Scottish. Cosmo will translate.)