Cannon & Cannon Beer & Charcuterie

24 Nov 2016

Cannon & Cannon are the go-to guys for Cured Meat in this town and we decided to go to them to put together a bit of a tasting as part of their Meat School (I wish I had gone to Meat School instead of that bog standard Comprehensive). We’re going to be pairing 6 beers with 6 delectable meats, chatting about the beers and the meats and the pairings and generally having a jolly good time, whilst simultaneously increasing our chances of getting gout. It’s already sold out – so we are basically just teasing you with this, but it’s good that you know what we are up to.

WHEN: 24th November
WHERE: Cannon & Cannon, Unit 4W, Jubilee Place, Winchester Walk, London, SE1 9AG.
WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Alex (who used to be a cheese monger at Borough Market in a previous life)