Brewskival – Helsingborg

26 Aug 2016

Not content with conquering Wales this weekend we’re also having a go at the Swedes. Heading over to Helsingborg (who Aston Villa drew twice against in 1996). The guys at Brewski know what they are doing when it comes to arranging a party and we are going to do our damndest to match their cool Swedish partying with our most British awkward bumbling. If you are in Sweden and you want to play here are the details…

When: 26th – 28th August
Where: Brewski Brew AB
Cindersgatan 8
252 25 Helsingborg

Who you will meet there: COSMO

This is a photo of Cosmo – it’s probably 3 or 4 years old, but he is still just as bright eyed and baby faced. If you want to know more about Cosmo – there’s a random interview with him that we found online here