Beer + Burger = Beavertown Beer + ( Beer + Burger Burgers ) = Yum

31 Jan 2017

Every month Beer + Burger hold a Hero night, and they chose us as their hero, which is way better than choosing some sporting dude or your Mum/Dad. They have written an essay about how much they love us and why we are their hero and they are going to read it out in front of the whole class on Tuesday 31st. Neil, who will be there, repping Beavertown, will read his story about what he did over the weekend, which involves a duck and some gaffer tape. I don’t want to ruin that for you so I’ll leave it there.

There will be a full range of Beavertown core beers on, along with the chance to be one of the first people in the world to try 2017’s bath of Heavy Water – oh and we will have a spot of Yuzilla Phantom Gose on too for some light relief!

What’s that? You want to go? Oh ok then. Here’s how you get in. Email: for a free Hero Series ticket and then turn up for 7pm to chow down and chat Beavertown.

WHEN: 7pm
88 Walm Lane, London NW2 4YQ
Opposite Willesden Green tube station

WHO YOU’LL MEET THERE: Neil will be flying solo ladies.