End of the Road, Lupuloid and forever

13 Sep 2016

Lupuloid has landed. First contact was made at the End of the Road music festival in Dorset. Then just one week later the invasion spread to the Beavertown Taproom, Duke’s Brew and Que and as far north as Leeds International Beer Festival. Now they have been spotted all over the UK and they are still spreading fast – maybe you have already succumbed to the Lupuloid and are drinking it right now?!
End of the Road is a beautiful festival set against the backdrop of a green paradise called Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset. With an exciting lineup of bands, amazing art and food options that would make any tipsy reveller happy, it was an easy decision to take the Beaver Van to the End of the Road for the weekend.
We had the privilege of being the only craft beer offering across this wicked fest, setting up our own colourful Beaver Bar as well as having cans available across the whole site. We built a completely new bar from scratch, and not only that, we also released our first ever straight up IPA – Lupuloid – exclusively at End of the Road.

We unleashed Lupuloid at midday on the Saturday, handing out cans to passing festival goers. There might have been rain but we didn’t feel a drop we were so deliriously happy to finally share this new beer with the world.

Lupuloid is a straight-up, no messing, classic IPA and will join the ranks of our year-round Beavertown offerings

All photos by Sonny Malhotra

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