“DEAD FAMOUS,” A Halloween party for the ages with The Great Frog

20 Oct 2016


On the 29th October, we, alongside our friends The Great Frog and The Bike Shed will hold the only Halloween party worth your sexy cat costume (no sexy cat costumes).

From 8pm we’re throwing The Bike Shed’s doors wide open and welcoming you into a murky, dank, spine tingling world of Halloween horror, that could only be concieved by the twisted, skeleton ridden minds of Beavertown and The Great Frog. Think trips to forrests to collect dead, withered trees, pentagrams, dripping candles, the works….


We’ve also brewed an Elderberry Pale, specially for this spooky occasion, taking Neck Oil’s “Session IPA” concept, except its fermented on macerated elderberries. We chose elderberries for their mystical properties, whereby they not only protect you from evil but allow you to travel freely to the Fairie lands. Here’s hoping the beer does the same!

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The artwork for said beer will also be available as a print and tshirt


The Tickets: 

There are 2 ticket types, so concentrate.

DD&D 8pm – Dinner (any main + a cocktail from 8pm), Drinks (including a beer on entry), Dancing courtesy of HAGGARD CAT BOTHDAY PRESENT and DJ’s Alexander Milas (of Metal Hammer!) and Blackie, AND fancy dress – the theme of which is, you guessed it, dead famous!

Click HERE for tickets.

Alternatively, if you fancy winning the motherload of Beavertown goodies (serious stash) PLUS tickets with Dinner for the event check out the competition Mr Hyde are running RIGHT HERE

Check out HGBP right here. Needless to say we are excited!



Entry only 8pm – Get in from 8pm plus a beer on entry, cos we’re nice like that.

The Beer

A spooky Beavertown brew, brewed in collaboration with the Great Frog will also be exclusively available – An elderberry pale ale intended to provide protection from negative influences and disease and evoke dreams of the faerie lands (According to ancient folklore). Along side that will be the full Beavertown core range and a wine & spirits bar run by The Bike Shed team.


What else?

Prizes for best dressed, amongst other things at the discretion of our discerning judges. If you come as someone dead, who is also famous, you’re in with a shout.

Doors 8pm

Haggard Cat Bothday Present 10PM

DJs 11PM till late

Seriously, no sexy cats. You’re better than that.

Click HERE for tickets.



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